Much love to All.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Happy Easter and happy spring

 The honeymakers by blackberry rabbit
Done on 32ct. Alabaster Jobelan By
The frame I purchased at Hobby lobby
And framed myself.

 Summer  by the cricket collection
Done on 14 ct. AIDA
Love the tiny details in this piece
 This pattern is by Plum street samplers
Spring salt boxes.
Done on 32 ct Sandstone jobelan
I back stitched the flowers and it made them
Pop more.  I am still contemplating how to
Finish this piece.  Love the colors and
Design of this piece.
 This pattern is Sunflowers Farm by
Coure Batticuore.
Done on 32 ct Wren by  Picture this plus
I have changed colors on this piece.  
 HL's moth by Kathy Barrick
Done on 32 ct Jobelan sandstone
I am using DMC and the colors
Are more earthtone colors.

The bleeding  hearts are starting to bloom in my front
Garden.  The picture above  is a house in the
Neighborhood.  Easter and passover is almost
Here.  I do not know where the time is going.
I have planted my gardens and baby sprouts are
Coming up.  I will post pictures on my next post.

All. 🌻  thank you for stopping by.


Robin in Virginia said...

What super stitching you shared, Cindy! I really like your framed bee stitch and your WIPs are looking good as well. Happy Spring! Happy Easter to you!

gracie said...

I love those bees!

Carol said...

You sure have been busy, Cindy! I love the bee piece and the summer finish is darling! It has so many cute motifs of my favorite season :) Your bleeding heart plant is beautiful. I really should look into planting a few here (if they are plants that deer don't gobble up, that is!).

Wishing you a blessed Easter, my friend. Happy stitching and gardening :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that was just a "make me feel good" post!!!! Thanks!

MartinaM said...

It looks so summery with you. Not only your stitching is colorful, but also your garden with the beautiful flowers. It really feels like going outside.
Happy Easter. Martina

Marilyn said...

Great starts & finishes.
Gotta love that Moth!
Happy Easter to you also.

Vickie said...

Honeymakers is wonderful! Summer is such a nice piece. Spring Saltboxes is really cute!! That moth is truly awesome! Oh! Your neighbor's, is it wisteria?? GORGEOUS!!!! Happy, Blessed Easter Cindy!

Mary said...

Oh my, so many beautiful stitches!!! Have a Happy Easter!! Mary

http://thankfullga447 said...

The photos came out great - so much fun.

AnaCristina said...

Just a little later but....happy easter!!!

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