Much love to All.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

My first Mill Hill bead kit

 This is my first Mill Bead kit.
Chickadees.  I purchased the mill Hill
frame but the frame left to much of the
perforated paper.  I trimmed it down to one
row of paper.  I mounted it to sticky 
paper for cross stitch and then glued it to
red Mat Board.  So it has a nice red
trim.  Love the kit and have always 
enjoyed working with beads.
 I belong to the Just another
Button montly club.  This past
month was one of my favorite colors
and free was a chart by Kathy Habermann
of Hands on Designs.  I adore all the
buttons and the fish match the "Seas the
Day" design i recently did.  So cool a matching

 My son Chris came for a visit this
past Labor Day weekend and he 
bought his cross stitch with him.
This is the winter design and he is
almost done.  Looks great.  He is back
in college getting his Masters Degree so
he hasnt been stitching as much.
 These are the Sunflowers in my front yard.
The ones in the back are long gone.
I planted these much later.  I look out
my work window and i have this amazing
view.  The colors were so pretty.  Each
day watching all the birds, bees and even
a humming bird visit the flowers was
so fun to watch.

 Hot peppers all in bloom
A pretty orange butterfly on my Marigold plant.

We are in September and still cannot 
believe Fall is almost here.

September is my favorite month of the year.
Summer is my favorite season.

Happy stitching everyong.