Much love to All.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tip toe through the tulips and much more

 Pattern from year of chalk.
This is for my youngest daughter Alyssa
for Graduating college.  I am not able to travel
long distance yet, due to recovering from mold.
I am there in spirit and couldn't be prouder.  She is
my third child and all graduated from college.
Plant seeds of Joy wherever you go Alyssa.
I love you.  P.S. Aunt Carol said you look just like me.
 Summer.  Finished and framed
I actually had this framed from Joanns
I was  little nervous dropping it off.
It looks great.  It's hanging on my wall.
once in a while it's nice to have a professional
finish a piece.

 Spring EQUALS flowers
Love the tulips by a park I walk at.  In a
perfect world I would be living in the Tudor house.
I just adore Tudor homes.

 Fresh spring water.
water tastes so good.  I found a
fresh clean spring where I live.   I fill up
my jars every couple of weeks.

 I have planted some Herbs.  I grew some from seeds.
I still get exited to see things grow from seed.
the seeds I dried out and planted from an
organic squash I ate.  These are growing real well.

 Fresh flavored water.  Let it seep in the sun.
ohhh so good.
A beautiful sky.

Since recovering from mold, I have learned more then I
ever cared to know about healing,
our current medical system, etc.  I will do a
blog on this one day.  What I will pass along is a video on 
The truth about cancer.
 Ty Bollinger did extensive research on the subject.
It confirms what I always believed.
  A must watch for everyone.  It is
a 9 part series,  watch the first one and you will be hooked.
You can also Google on you  tube the truth about Cancer
Pass it along to loved ones

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Strawberry fields forever

Strawberry house by LHN
The colors in this piece are really pretty.
I changed the bird to blue.
I outlined the house in white.
This reminds of the Beatles song.
Also reminds me of Tom in heaven,
my step dad, who was a huge Beatles
fan.  We grew  up listening to this music.
We also share the same birthday.   Hello
dad in heaven.

A month in chalk.
I changed the colors a bit.
I liked adding the blue for the water.

I took  a 3 day vacation to Gaitlinburg, TN
Buckhorn inn
Such a beautiful place.  I started strawberry
house there.  I did hiking and stitching.  The 2 
most relaxing things for me.  If you are
ever in the area, I highly recommend it.

 Smokey mountains 
A view from the bedroom balcony.
The cottage also has a screened in porch.

The Inn has a nature trail on the property
with different gardens.  It went so quick,
but doesn't it always.