Much love to All.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

last post for January 2016

January was a busy stitching month.
I am getting  more strength each day
From the Prarie schooler book 48
Sunflowers are one of my favorite
flowers.  I did this on 32 ct. over one.
this mini stitch is really pretty.
This prairie schooler santa is
from book 51.  stitched on 32ct
Barnwood linen.
Noel by trail creek farm
I couldn't get a great picture to
capture the sparkle linen.
Pattern by Lizzie kate
To display this piece I wanted it
to be more portable.  I attached it to
a piece of wood.
This is a new display I purchased.
it will be great to swith different
pieces for seasons coming up.

My friend Peggy who went home to
heaven last fall stithed this piece.
I finished it.  it was a challenge.
There was no template.  a very pretty
piece by Homespun elegance.

My display on my dresser.

This prairie schooler santa is from book
48.  I left off the welcome.  As you can see I
chaneed the patterns a little.  can you see the crystals?
I have been drawn to the Prarie schooler patterns lately.
It's the simplicity of stitching them.
A lot of pieces in one post.  I usually post 
a couple of pieces at a time.
Into February we go.
happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

new pieces completed

Prairie schooler  church.
This was made for Carol at Stitchingdreams.
We both share a January birthday.
This was done over one.  A tiny treasure.

 A prairie schooler santa.
My favorite flowers are sunflowers and pansies.
He can sit in a basket or be hung.
I had great joy stitching this piece.

 A special gift for someone.
A dog lover we both are.
The fabric such a perfect match.
 This is a needlepunch done by my friend
Peggy who went home to heavenin the fall.
I finished it into an ornament and hangs
above  my work desk.  It a beautiful piece.
I hope she approves.
4 mores pieces done, two are gifts.
I stitch way more in the winter then
the warmer months.  I have enjoyed watching 
Downton Abbey again each Sunday night.  
Happy stitching

Saturday, January 16, 2016

3 Christmas ornaments finished

 Lizzie kate tiny tidings 
This ornament is cuter then I thought it
would be.  

 I start to lay out the finishing pieces and
constantly  changing my mind.
Different fabrics, different trimmings.
 also from tiny tidings
 prairie schooler.
Looking to finish 24 ornaments this year for a tree display

Friday, January 8, 2016

my first finishes of the year

 Pattern by Lizzie kate
I have done the snowman in the past
and really missed his smile.  I could not
find the same finishing fabric as before.  It
was done in pink.  It amazes me how a finish
on a stitched piece changes  the look.
Multi layered finish.  He is jolly.  He
hangs above my computer with others
to make me smile each day.

 This pattern also by Lizzie kate.

  I hope everyone is off to a great new year.
I am a huge snoopy fan and I declare this will
be my best year.  
Happy stitching everyone.

Friday, January 1, 2016

A new year and a birthday

 A great gift from Carol at stitching dreams.
The bunny sits on my dresser.
beautiful stitching accessories.
Thank you Carol,  yoor gifts always make 
me smile.

   my first flour less chocolate cake.
it was so good.  I haven't had sugar since
August.  A much needed treat.

 My sister , my brother in law John and my
nephew spoiled me.  Along with so many family
members and friends who went out of their
way to make me feel special.

I am a huge snoopy fan.  This year was a banner year.
The snoopy movie did wonders for snoopy merchandise.
I spent  my birthday shopping.   Bargains to my delight.
2 pairs of jeans and 8 shirts for under 100 dollars.
I usually shop on new years day.  A perfect way to spend
my birthday and start the new year.