Much love to All.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

third stocking completed

Third stocking finished. By Blackbird Designs.
The was in the 4th of July pattern. All three
look real great. The poppy stocking I stuffed and
sealed. you can complete these in diff. ways.
This stocking is for an exchange. Wish
I could keep this one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2nd stocking done.

I finished a second stocking. This is also
by blackbird designs called Poppy.
This was made for a special friend who
likes poppies a lot. I stuffed this stocking
a little bit. This is done on sparkling white
linen, but the camera didnt pick it up.
These stocking are great little stitches.
The fabric in the background it what
i finsihed the poppy stocking with.
Hope everyone is staying cool.

Friday, July 20, 2012

4th of july stocking

I purchased this pattern in Pigeon Forge, TN.
This is where i went to visit my family. The
Cross stitch store was huge. About four times
the size of the store we have in NY. tons of samples,
charts, linen, and they also sell finished pieces.
The name of the store I am pretty sure it was
called Dixie Darlin. What really made me happy
is I will have a stitching store within reasonable
distance from where i will be moving to. They
had every kind of linen you can think of. As a
stitcher, there is nothing like walking in to a stitching
store. The town Pigeon Forge is a big tourist area.
I will be posting more in the future about the area
and store. This finished stocking will always remind
me of my first trip to tenn. I started this piece there.
The fabric in the background is what this stocking is
finished with.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back from Knoxville, TN

I just got back from Knoxville, TN. I was visiting my
sister and family. What a great relaxing vacation.
Close to her home is Pigeon Forge, TN, a great tourist
trap :) We went to the christmas village. It was the
largest christmas store I have ever been to, and I have
been to many in the past. Next we went to Gaitlinburg, TN,
the next town. Tons of stores and as you can see fun things
for picture taking. A Huge rocking chair. Bears to make
you smile. She has been redoing her house. my brother in law
put in a new deck last week. The livingroom has nice wood
floors. He is quite the handyman. I did find a great stitching
store in Pigeon Forge. Will post about it when I finish my
project. Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. Last
and definately not least is their dog Buddy. He is huge.
Loves to play games. I will miss Buddy.
Thank you to my sister Carol and her family for having me.