Much love to All.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A patriotic finish and Myrtle Beach, NC

 Pattern from Lizzie Kate.
With July 4th around the corner this will
be added to the display.
To all the soldiers who have given their
life or served our great country, Thank you.

 Myrtle Beach, NC
I took my nephew Ryan for this 6 day
trip.  I have never been there before and
miss the beach.  What a beautiful clean 
beach.  The water was so warm and the
weather was perfect.  We ate way to
much but also walked close to 10 miles
a day.  I lost weight on the trip.  We went
to the Carolina Opry and it was great.
We also went to see Josh Turner.  
Lots of fun and had such a great time.
I spoiled my nephew and i am sure he
will remember all the great things we
did.  How nice i could treat him to a
great vacation.  It was a joy and honor
to do that for him.
The birds were so cute.  When the water came in 
they would run away from the water.

 Can you see the happiness and joy.

 I feel so small around my nephew.
He is almost a foot taller then me.

 So many places to eat.  One of the locals
suggested the giant crab.  Awesome buffet
The crab legs and prime rib were worth
it just for that. 
Oysters on a half shell, so yummy.
I miss the great seafood.

July is right around the corner. Time
just flys by.  I hope everyone is enjoying
the Summer.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A couple of finishes - Can you believe it is June already

 I moved the last week of May.  I downsized
from a 3 bedroom home with a garage to
a 2 bedroom apartment.  I am on the 2nd
floor and when i sit on my balcony I have a
view of the smokey mountains.  It was the 
best moved i could have done.  I have 2
huge walkin closets.  They are filled to the
brim.  It is very hard to consolidate.  We
think we have nothing until we move.  I
owned a house for the past 27 years.  I had
no idea if this would be good.  But I have to
say I do not hear any noise at all.  I like
they apartment better then any house I
owned.  Its a great fit for me.  Things 
might change in the future but for know
i am very happy where I am.  Not much
stitching in May.  I did finish 2 sweet
lizzie kate pieces.  Both are from tiny
 After the big move, I will be on vacation for
the next 2 weeks.  It just so happened to work 
out that way.  I have to book my vacations 6 
months in advance.  Gods timing is perfect.
I took the time to finally join some friends
at the Tennessee Theatre.  Shame on me for
not going sooner.  I have been here since
Dec. 2012 and it took me this long to go.
I have been to many Theatre's in Manhattan
but this is the most beautiful one i have ever
stepped in.  The detail and restoration they
did on this place is amazing.  The first 
monday of each month there is a free 
show.  They have organ music and a 
performance of some kind.  This month
they had a group called Nostalgia, a
bunch of local singers.  What a treat and
did i say FREE.  I will definately attend
more events.

 Me heading to the Theatre.
Friends from my Friday night dinner group.
From the Left: Jim, Marie, & Tom
What a blessed group to be with.  We all met
at the Theatre and enjoyed the day.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Summer season.
I always do.  I will be heading to Asheville, NC
tomorrow and to Myrtle Beach, the 3rd week
of June.  Happy Stitching.