Much love to All.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Halloween Exchange received. Carol Sutcliffe
made this beautiful needlebook for me .
I really like the design and have it sitting on my
nightstand. What a crazy week it has been.
My son had to come home from college on
emergency - in and out of ER twice. ER
said to take him to the allergist. We went
this morning and the Allergist said it was
not allergies. Went to the regular doctor after
that and they think they know what it is. He
has started treament and I pray it is cleared
up. Amazing how the ER doctors don't have
a clue as to what was wrong. The main
reason I never go to the ER unless something
is broken.

Friday, September 17, 2010

JCS 2010 Pepperming Latte- 2nd one done

JCS 2010 Xmas ornament issue
this is the 2nd completed ornament
from this issue. Peppermint Latte.
Trimmed with a nice candy cane
design. fabrice on the back is
of peppermint candies.
21st finish of the year.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sock Monkey JCS ornament completed 2010

Finished my first Christmas ornament from
the JCS 2010 Ornament issue. It is the
sock monkey. How cute is he. I changed
the color of the hat to green. It is my sons
favorite color and I like it better then the
purple. I chose the red mittens over the
purple. The fabric is the same fabric
I used on the Halloween ornament. The
yellow and green matched perfectly. The
cording is trimmed in yellow. It is so
nice when everything matches perfectly.
I like my finish better then the one on
the cover of JCS. I really like changing
and tweeking a chart to my tastes. I
have so many I want to do from this
issue. I have started my second
ornie already. 20th finish

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween Exchange completed.

Halloween Flip it By Lizzie Kate
This is for my Halloween Exchange.
I am not a huge fan of Halloween.
This is a cute design. The back
fabric is a nice green with a hint
of yellow stars. The cording is a
perfect shade of yellow that
matches the moon. The fabric
and cording I purchased
in NYC yesterday. I am done a
couple of weeks early. I have
started one of the christmas
ornaments from JCS 2010.
So cute. 19th finish

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trip to NYC

I went into the city today and had a
great time. My daughter went to
school at FIT and I went and had some
fun. My first stop the City Quilter.
If you ever make it to NYC it is a must
stop, it is only about three blocks from my
daughters school.
Fat Quarters I picked up at the city Quilter.
Most are by Moda. The snowman is so cute.
Next I headed to Gotham Bar and Grill my
favorite lunch stop. Next I headed to Bryant
Park and met my daughter after school. I
did some stitching while she did some school
work. Next we went to Bar Americain -
Bobby Flay's rest. I had a seafood trio. My
daughter had the Ribs. The
pictures didn't come out good. For desert
we had Magnolia's Bakery. We shared a
slice of Strawberry Box cake, it was good
not overly sweet.
Another Fat Quarter

Went to my favorite trimming places
in the city. The hand buttons are
adorable and I will include this
also in my halloween exchange.
That rainbow ribbon is beautiful
isn't it?

A Fat Quater I picked up for my
Halloween exchange. I really liked
this one. I am not a big Halloween
fan at all, but this design is cute.

Shrimp Rosotto was the main course for
lunch. It had sundried tomatoes and
smoked bacon it was so good and filling.

Tuna Tartare for my appetizer at Gotham
Bar and Grill - I was actually craving
this and it was my main reason for
going into the city today. No one makes
it like this. Yumoooo
My oldest daughter Amanda sleeping
the way back from NYC - you can
she used the Silky Soft stuffing
I purchased
at the city Quilter.
Still so cute isn't she.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's here the Xmas Ornament issue by Just Cross Stitch

My favorite issue of the year. Just Cross
Stitch Ornament issue is here. I went to
my LNS and I haven't been there in a couple
of months. I have been working 2 jobs and
a lot of overtime on my regular job. To my
delight, the new issue just came in yesterday.
HOW SWEET. The are a lot of new ornies I
will be working on this year. I don't want
to give anything away but I bought my linen
& threads. It has been an extremely busy
summer, working way to much and no
time to stitch. I did recently quit my
2nd job. I just stopped doing OT at my
regular job. I have been working on
Bless Our Home by LHN and you can
see it is almost done. I started this
piece when I went to Chicago in July.
Not much stitching time but the fall is
here and I have all of my projects lined
up. I so enjoy a trip to my LNS.