Much love to All.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas is almost here

Lizzie kate
left snow off.

I have done this piece before. 
I framed it and it is in my sunroom .

I couldnt post this on the last post due to
camera issues.

From Carol at  Stitching Dreams
Beautifully finished and hanging
on my tree.    Thank you Carol.
the wrapping paper is in the background. 
She sent a ton of goodies.
This is the piece I made for  Carol.
the trimming is made of alpaca and wool trim.

The sunsets from the week.   So pretty.

Updated pictures of the tree.  I added a few pieces. 

My christmas card for this year.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Enjoy the holidays everyone.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

christmas ornaments

 All dolled up by LHN
This was an enjoyable piece to stitch. 
The blue linen made the colors pop.

The ornament on the left is from JCS 2016
waiting game for santa.  I changed it to say
blessings.   I had difficulty getting an 
individual  picture.   This piece is so pretty
done on 40 CT linen.
This rose will probably be the last for the season
since we had a frost last night.  Not bad for the middle
of December.   I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas

Saturday, November 26, 2016

stitching time of year

 JCS 2016 winter bluster
I left off the word bluster.
in the process of finishing off this piece.
 JCS 2016 blue snowman.
I changed the colors.
weeks dye works Blue Heron, 
classic Color works Cherry Cobbler,
dmc 3853 for the nose.  So cute.
hanging on the tree.

 JCS 2006 
britter cup designs
I have done this design before.
 ROSE BUDS  in the garden.  They are
still blooming in TN.
This is the season where I stitch the most.
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.
I hope everyone takes a  moment through the holidays
to reflect on how blessed we are.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

my first small christmas tree 2016

This is my first small christmas tree.
Since I just had to fluff the branches
and see what it looks like, I decided
to set it up.  I work from home and it
makes me smile when I look at it.  The
magic of the season I call it.  In all,
20 cross stitch ornaments.   5 are from 
fellow cross stitchers. thank you
to each of you for sending me ornaments
last year.  After losing everything, it's good to
enjoy the process of replacing things.
I never had a small tree, but it perfectly
holds all of the ornaments and antique
christmas glass balls.  The tree is 
4 1/2 ft tall.  As I make more ornaments, I
will get a bigger tree.
right side of the tree
close up
display boxes.  only 9.99 at Marshalls
this is the large size.  the top box
is a chalk design and it reminds me 
of a year in chalk cross stitch designs.

This is a picture of the bouquet of roses
from my garden.  my roses are still
blooming today.  Amazing fragrance.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

election creativity

 On this election day, I had to do some
creativity.  my therapy.  I have election fatigue.
I pray for this country.  whoever wins, I think
our country will never be the same.  it shouldn't
be a one to two years process.  you shouldn't
have to be a billionaire to run.  does our vote count
I do not know, but I still voted.  I want to
believe it counts.   according to one I am a deplorable, 
she should be in prison.  ok, on to the good stuff.
prairie schooler always makes you smile.

 These beauties I found in an antique store.
glass, heavy with real metal for hanging.
back when things were made with quality
materials.  love the color of these

 Heart cast iron trivet.
I love heart shaped things
a bargain for 8 dollars.
 The spare bedroom done in Americana
my friend from NY actually got to use
this room Saturday night.

 Roses from my garden, still blooming 
in November .  I will post a bouquet on my next post.

Monday, October 24, 2016

2016 just cross stitch ornament issue

 The release of the Just cross stitch ornament issue. 
I look forward to it each year.  Some past years
have been disappointing, but this year some
beauties to stitch.  The first piece is on
page 59.  From the heart.   The colors
so much prettier then the photo in the magazine. 
 This one is on page 10.  The sunflower seed.
I love sunflowers so I had to do this one.
I switched  the threads and gave Santa a
smile.  What are your favorites? 
 Fall is here and I am enjoying all the colors.
Two different parks I walk at.

 My rose bush is still blooming, these 
have an amazing smell to them.
Living 40 min from the smokey mountains
Is always a treat.  Last week I did day trips
Monday and Wednesday.   The trees this
time of year are a treat.  Thank you
for all of your kinds words.  I hope
everyone  is enjoying the fall. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

almost 2 months without a post- an update

 I am settled in my new home.  It's hard
to believe it is almost 2 months from
my last post.  I am so happy where I am,
god is good.   I am very comfortable in 
this new chapter of my life.  I haven't
Been stitching a lot.  It's fall and I am getting
back into a routine.  This pattern is by
Twisted threads.
 These are two planters my brother in
made for me.  In my region,  pansies will
last until about march.  They are one 
of my favorite flowers as with sunflowers. 

My clothesline  brings me as much joy as
my garden and stitching does.   Nothing
like sheets dried on the line. 
this metal box was found in the attic
with a bunch of other  things.  It was
made in NY and looks like cross stitch. 
My gas fireplace 
The beautiful  wreath above the fireplace.
My livingroom.  I purchased a wooden
antique ironing board and use it as a display
table in the livingroom.  Super cool and only 
40 dollars.  It's perfect. 
My dad purchased a wagon for me.
I use it for my gardening and 
I have used it several times already.
My vintage Pyrex collection. 
I use these pieces everday.  They
Do not make dishes like this amymore.
I just got service to view blogs, so I will
be catching up on posts.  I will have more 
pictures to post later on.  HAPPY FALL.
A sunset in my backyard.