Much love to All.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Home grown USA

The Pattern is by LHN America
Personalized to say Home grown USA
Done on 28Ct Stonehedge
A special gift for a friend.

Friendship by LHN.
Done on a scrap linen.  I changed the colors.
A gift for a friend.
Sunflowers Farm 
Done on 32ct Wren
Beautifully framed.  I so enjoy this piece.

My garden brings me smiles and joy.  My favorite time of year.
My baby turned 25.  July is almost here.
Much love to everyone.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

June already

 4th block of Spring at Hawkrunhollow
This piece is so pretty

 4th of july by Lizzie kate
 Rest set snow by Hands on designs
 The garden is exploding.  Love this time of year.

 Pink and red bee balm

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Can you believe it's May

 HLs moth by Kathy Barrick
Done on 32 ct Sandstone by
I am undecided how to finish this piece
But it is so different, I enjoyed stitching this piece
 Spring Salt boxes by Plum street samplers
Also done on 32 ct Sandstone jobelan
Love love the colors in this piece.  I 
Backstitched the flowers to make it pop.
 These two pieces were stiched on
Scrap linen .  Pattern by heartstring samplery
Festive little fobs seaside edition

 I am still working on sunflowers farm.
This piece is fun to stitch.
 Homemade burger and homefries
 Home made fried scallops.
This is a natural spring  about 10 mins from 
My house so pretty.

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather.
If you are participating in stitch Mania
Have lots of fun.  

I appreciate all of you taking the time to
Stop by and say hello.
Happy stitching🌻

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Happy Easter and happy spring

 The honeymakers by blackberry rabbit
Done on 32ct. Alabaster Jobelan By
The frame I purchased at Hobby lobby
And framed myself.

 Summer  by the cricket collection
Done on 14 ct. AIDA
Love the tiny details in this piece
 This pattern is by Plum street samplers
Spring salt boxes.
Done on 32 ct Sandstone jobelan
I back stitched the flowers and it made them
Pop more.  I am still contemplating how to
Finish this piece.  Love the colors and
Design of this piece.
 This pattern is Sunflowers Farm by
Coure Batticuore.
Done on 32 ct Wren by  Picture this plus
I have changed colors on this piece.  
 HL's moth by Kathy Barrick
Done on 32 ct Jobelan sandstone
I am using DMC and the colors
Are more earthtone colors.

The bleeding  hearts are starting to bloom in my front
Garden.  The picture above  is a house in the
Neighborhood.  Easter and passover is almost
Here.  I do not know where the time is going.
I have planted my gardens and baby sprouts are
Coming up.  I will post pictures on my next post.

All. 🌻  thank you for stopping by.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Spring and nashville needlemarket purchases

 Holiday hoopla Easter by Brenda Gervais
A new market release.
A touch of spring and a quick stitch.
Stitched on 36ct. Nantucket brew by R&R
The ceramic piece I purchased at Hobby lobby
For 2.99

 Summer is finished but not fully finished.
Done on 14ct Aida
I switched the chair colors and added
A butterfly button.
 The is a new release I started from 
The BlackBerry Rabbit
The honeymakers.  A beautiful design.

Happy spring everyone.  Purple happiness.
So many great releases from the nashville needlemarket.
What was your favorite?
If you want you see what I purchased you
I appreciate all the Comments. Happy stitching🌻.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A taste of spring

 Spring gathering by scattered seed samplers
Done on 36ct R&R Nantucket brew
I changed the eggs to pastel colors.  It's reminds
Me of when I colored eggs with my kids when 
they were Younger.

Betsy's stocking by Plum street samplers
Done on 32ct hand dyed Jobelan 
Turtles all the way down by ink circles
Done 27ct band
Bell pull by patty smith you can find her
Information on my video posted below.
I finished all 9 pieces for Candace.

Spring  is popping out.
Nashville needlemarket had so many beautiful
Patterns.  I ordered a couple and a lot went
On a wish list.  I think it was a sampler year.
Two YouTube video to watch are Fiber talk with
Gary Parr and Shirl  McKinney or Tranquil stitches
Both did excellent
 Videos of the  market.  There is a link to them
In my youtube Video here
When i get my new patterns I will share them

Thank you for your kinds Comments.  Happy stitching.🌻