Much love to All.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A special post for my daughter Alyssa

 My Daughter Alyssa is trying to raise money.
She has an autoimmune disease called Hoshimoto's
She is going on a retreat to learn more about the
disease.  In an effort to help her,  I am posting
a link to her go fund me account.  It will tell
you all about the disease and why she is raising money
Every dollar counts no donation is to small .
She is a college student.

Stitchers are the most generous people i know.
Thank you in advance for any donation you
make.   Donations can be made Anonymous.
1.00 dollar can make a difference


There will be a link to share on your facebook account.

 We had a huge ice storm.
Look are these squirrels.  How funny.
I hope everyone is warm and not to much
snow in your area.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lizzie kate Finish

 January by Lizzie Kate.
I am born in January and don't have
anything reflecting that.  So, I have been
on a snowman kick and decided he would
be perfect.  The fabric I did him on is
40 CT. Crystal Aerial Newcastle linen.
The linen was purchased from Picture 
this Plus.  The sparkle linen so pretty.
Its very hard to buy linen on line 
because you can't see the true color
or dye.  I Purchased several and I 
was delighted with the sparkle linens.
The plain dyed ones I won't buy again
because you don't see the true color
until you receive it.  I will definately
buy the sparkle linen again.  Here is the
LINK to the online store. 
 Like Fashion,  Accessories add to a piece.
Cording on the outside and Fiber on 
the inside.  The snow flake charms are
so cute.  Displaying this piece can be hung
or just added to a basket or as i have 
it displayed on my diningroom table.  You
can hide the hanger.
 An up close of the sparkle linen
 This is my diningroom table.  Its a different
display then my others in the house.  I sit at
my table and enjoy these sweet stitches.  I
live alone, no one to mess up the display or
get food on them.  That is one benefit of 
living alone. 

 I bought some fabrics and i haven't done that
in a while.  I have some great ideas for these
fabrics.  I just adore fabric.  I used to quilt, but
I decided years ago, My true love was 
cross stitching.  I still get the fabric fill for
finishing my pieces.  So, the best of both
worlds in my case.  Quilting is a very expensive
hobby.  I made some beautiful quilts.  My two
sisters both quilt and they do some amazing
pieces.  I could get lost in a fabric store.
Is anyone else like that?

Speaking of accessories.  I can't
wait for spring.  We have a great
store in Tenn.  Called Charming
Charlies.  All kinds of accessories.
The wristlet was only 4.99.  The
sparkle scarf is so pretty.   Heading
to Disney on a trip i earned from 
work in April.  These pieces will 
be coming with me.   

We have a winter storm heading our
way tomorrow.  First snow.   Tenn.
will probably shut down.   They just
can't handle the snow here.  I hope
everyone is getting some stitching time
in.  Cold here. 9 degrees right now.
Stay warm and safe everyone.  
I can't wait for spring.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

A heart finish

 This design is by Lizzie Kate.
Sent as a gift from Carol at Stitching Dreams 
Since it is Valentines week, I am post now.
This is a gift for someone and i wont be keeping
it.  So cute.  I changed the pattern a little bit.
The fabric has hearts in it also.  

I hope everyone is having a great week.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another snowman, so cute. and bottle brush trees

 How cute and adorable this snowman is
This is from the lizzie Kate from tiny
tidings.   He makes you smile.
Finished in pink,  I never thought of
using this color, but it looks amazing.
I added bells and crystals in the 
snowflake.  I added him to the bowl.
Always trying to come up with something

 These are bottle brush trees I added to
they glitter houses.