Much love to All.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring ahead

Does anyone want spring?
With Easter the end of March,  I needed some
spring stitches to display.
Both lizzie kate patterns.
This kit was sent to me and I was drawn
to the spring colors.  Bunnies are my favorite in
the spring
Bless our home stitched over one.  This
is a Christmas ornament but will be displayed
in the spring and summer.
Looking forward to March.
Happy stitching.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

first 2 finishes of February

 The Prarie schooler
This piece was done over 1 on 28 ct linen
Inspired by my sisters dog Mongo, I call
him Moo.  He keeps  me busy and thinks I
moved in as his own personal entertainer.  
He brings brings me joy and gives me lots
of love.  Pets are special aren't they?
They all have their own  personality. 

LHN.  I adore this gingerbread man.
I changed  the colors around.  once I finished
stitching,  I gave it  antique highlights.
This is out of the box for  me, it gives the
piece a rustic feel.   I like the red border, more
of a Christmas feel.

 Moo and me in October,  he looks super happy.
Happy Valentines day to everyone.
Time goes so fast.
Blessings to everyone.