Much love to All.

Monday, November 16, 2015

some great gifts and a finish

This is a lizzie kate pattern that was sent
to me.  Perfect words I need to see everyday.  I framed this myself and it sits on my dresser.  The threads that were used are from Victorian motto that were sent in a gift box.  I really like the colors.
I received a Christmas exchange from Lee.

In a beautiful gift box was a amazing 
ornament.  Each side of the ornament is so
pretty.  It really makes you smile.  Thank you lee.

From Justine came a package of stitching goodies
and the awesome pin keep.  Thank you.

I have received so many great stitching gifts
from around the world.  Some packages I couldn't 
Read the return address and I could not send a thank
you note.    I assure you each package made me smile. 
Recovery takes time and each day is a blessing.
so thankful for everything.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Some cross stitch ornaments

From April in the Shenandoah valley
what a beautiful ornament.  She also sent
A bunch of goodies.

Thank you April
 These two ornaments were sent overseas to my
stitching friends.  With the holiday mail being slow
I sent  them early and both have received them.

The first is blackbird designs done in
different colors.  The second lizzie kate.
Thank you everyone for your generous gifts and
prayers.  I really appreciate everything.
I am on my way to healing and getting back to
a routine.  By God's grace I will be better 
then before.  By Jesus stripes I am healed.