Much love to All.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Can you believe it's May

 HLs moth by Kathy Barrick
Done on 32 ct Sandstone by
I am undecided how to finish this piece
But it is so different, I enjoyed stitching this piece
 Spring Salt boxes by Plum street samplers
Also done on 32 ct Sandstone jobelan
Love love the colors in this piece.  I 
Backstitched the flowers to make it pop.
 These two pieces were stiched on
Scrap linen .  Pattern by heartstring samplery
Festive little fobs seaside edition

 I am still working on sunflowers farm.
This piece is fun to stitch.
 Homemade burger and homefries
 Home made fried scallops.
This is a natural spring  about 10 mins from 
My house so pretty.

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather.
If you are participating in stitch Mania
Have lots of fun.  

I appreciate all of you taking the time to
Stop by and say hello.
Happy stitching­čî╗