Much love to All.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Below are some of the projects I did in 2009. I already have some projects in mind for 2010. Happy stitching everyone.

2009 in review - Some of the projects I did

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

My last stitch of the year. My birthday
is on New Year's day. This stocking is
from Blackbird Designs. Three stockings
for January. I changed the color of thread to
Weeks Dye works - Garnet - that is the birthstone
for January. This is in celebration of a New Year.
A new start and a clean slate. I stuffed the
little stocking. Happy New Year's to everyone.
God Bless everyone.

Great Christmas gift

I came home yesterday from work and
what was waiting for me is just so
sweet. Carol made this beautiful
ornament for me. We were chatting
about the gingerbread man. He is
now hanging on my cross stitch ornie
tree. He will be treasured. Thank you
Carol. Visit her blog, she has some
amazing work there to see.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Christmas - 1st snow of the year

A picture of my daughters blazer in the driveway
I went outside last night to shovel about a foot of snow.
Moved my daughters truck into the driveway so the
plow didn't bury it. That is the front of my house.
Woke up sunday morning to over a foot of snow.
Had to dig out the driveway from the plow. I drove
my daughter Amanda to work - She works at the mall
and I didn't want her driving. She is only 19 and really
only started driving full time in August. Her blazer has
four wheel drive and drives great in the snow. I drive
like a granny anyway. The roads at 7:30 am were not
really plowed to well. What amazes me: cars on
the road with no 4 wheel drive and drivngs like idiots.
One car was up my butt- so I pulled over and let them pass.
In a hurry to go nowhere really. One 4 wheel drive turned
the corner so fast it skid out and hit the curb. It was a
good teaching lesson for my daughter on the way to work
this morning. I guess I am protective of my little
Amanda Panda. I have to pick her up at the mall at
3:00 today. I am sure the road will be a little bit better.
We don't really get this kind of snow where I live. Long Island, NY.
I love the snow - it is a white christamas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chocolate chip cookies

I made some of my famous chocolate chip cookies today. The babies are
big. I do not make small chocolate chip cookies.

My Favorite things.

You know how Oprah has her favorite things each year. Here is a list of my favorite things. Things that make my life SWEET.

1. Amazing Grace - by Philosophy
2. Bare Minerals
3. Loccitane -Verbene shower gel.
4. Clarisonic - Love this baby
5. Philosophy Purity - great cleanser.
6. Yankee Candles - my house smells so good right now.
7. Honora pearls
8. Stitching charts - Weeks Dye works, etc. to much to list.
9. Mrs. Prindables - the best apple I ever ate.
10. Candle Impressions -with timer. candles that have no flame - love these.
11. Wen By Chaz dean - I use no other hair product. You will love this .

Most of the items on my list can be found on QVC. They truly have the best
products and service.

What I remember about christmas as a child: Each year in our stocking there was a clear hard plastic bag of lollipops. 3 colors, green, yellow, and red. They had christmas shapes and were the best tasting lollipops ever. One year the company stopped making them. I still search for them. Isn't funny, I still check to see if they will ever be out again. I am in my 40's and want those lollipops. I have found some close ones, but nothing compares to them. I also remember my grandma and grandpa Russell coming over every christmas. They had a big box of goodies for us each christmas in a trunk like box. We each had our own box. This is what I remember the most about christmas as a child.

Merry Christmas.

Ryan's Ornament

This is an ornament I made for my daughters
boyfriend Ryan for christmas. I used darker
color threads to be more masculine.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Noel Ornament pillow

A Pillow ornament I made for my daughters
friend Liz. They have been friends since
grammer school. Every year I give them a
christmas ornament. This year I also made
each an ornament. They are both in school
for art. This pattern is from the TGOS.

Some of the christmas decorations

Some of my christmas decorations
2009. I am a huge peanuts fan.
I have a whole tree dedicated to Snoopy.
The tree is put up in the diningroom and
the other tree is in the livingroom.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stitching ornies given as gifts

I have given out some of my christmas cross stitch ornaments the last couple of days. Everyone loves them. I am glad the people that received them really like them. A lot of love goes into the pieces. The Chocolate spoons were a hit in work. New Year's Day is my birthday, so look for a Free giveaway from me in January. Christmas blessings to all my fellow stitchers. I appreciate all the comments and feedback. I have a couple of finishes to post soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

JCS 2008 ornament finished

I finished an ornament from the JCS 2008 Xmas
ornament issue. I added mill hill beads on the tree.
White buttons instead of red. I added jingle bells
on the side. It's hard to come up with different ideas
on finishing the ornaments. I love the bells. The
birds are so cute.