Much love to All.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter to everyone.
I finished this piece today.  Prairie Schooler
Book 108.  Farm Fresh.  Done on white
line.  This piece really made me smile.
I enjoyed stitching this bunny.  I did not
add the whiskers, it didnt look right to me.
The fabric and flower ribbon really 
bring this piece together.  So happy
it was finished before Easter.
On Sunday, I went for my walk to a
beautiful area called Cherokee Blvd.
Gorgeous homes and a great display
of all kinds of flowers.  Pansies are
one of my favorites.  The tulips are in full
bloom.  I do 3-5 mile walks at this
 beautiful park all the time.  So glad
the nice weather is back.  I want
to wish everyone a blessed Easter.
Jesus died for all of our sins,  one
day he is coming back, oh glorious

Monday, April 7, 2014

2nd Block of Hawk run Hollow done.

 The second block of spring at Hawk run Hollow
is done.  I have really enjoyed doing this block.
The lambs are just adorable.  The rainbow
is so pretty.  Below is Strawberry french
toast that I made.  The bread was bought,
a natural cinnamon swirl baked fresh with
no additives.  I made fresh whipped cream.
Warm maple syrup and fresh strawberries.
It was delicious.  I don't remember the last
time I had french toast, several years.  This
was a great treat.  Happy stitching everyone.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Easter bunny stitch

This is a special Bunny ornament that I
stitched for my friend peggy.  This was 
done on a sparkle linen.  The carrots I 
made out of fimo clay.  The heart
button on the back is from Just Another
button company.   
In the picture are some of the women from
my stitching group.  From the left Darlene,
Peggy, Me(Cindy), and Carolyn.  
Peggy is a sweet, kind person, when we
get together we all laugh so much.  Please
say some prayers for peggy.  I know that
are a lot of praying stitchers out there.  
Peggy is fighting a disease that affects so
many people.  
Carolyn on the far right is 80 years young.
She made me laugh so much today.  You 
would never guess her age if you met her.
Darlene on the far left actually designs
some cross stitch patterns.  I will have
to post more information on her in the
future.  She also is  so kind and very
I am so blessed to have such a great
stitching group.  I hope Spring is here
to stay.