Much love to All.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hoop art- how to finish your hoop

 How to finish pieces in a hoop
I do recommend using a piece of fabric
First.  My video tutorial is here
These projects are sure quick to finish.
I have been asked by several people to do
Tutorials on how I finish pieces, so I have
Started to do that.  I call these hoop art.
Great for cross, fabric  and tons of other things.
I really enjoy using fabric this way and these 
Projects can be completed in 10 mins.
The bright Amish fabric is by Windham fabrics
Called " Lancaster".  Reminds  me of the trip
I took my kids on years ago to lancaster PA.

The farm fabric in the background is by
Henry glass fabrics called "plain and simple"

Happy stitching everyone 🌻

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Is it spring yet?..

 This pattern is from a book by Susan Bates
Called Nature
Done in three layers
English paper piece then layered
On top of honey comb fabric . All hand
Stitched and finished in a hoop.
 Pattern by Prairie schooler
Book 108
Farm fresh.
Not fully finished yet but made the
 Cording.  I missed this piece, so I restitched
It.  I need spring.  Do you?
 Pattern by Hands on designs
Sunshine on a stem.
Changed the colors to make it brighter.

Will finish with a special fabric
 The star piece is by JBW Designs
In the 2010 JCS ornament issue.
Done in miss piggy purple silk
By the thread gatherer.  Done
On 32ct raw Opal belfast linen

The bunny is a small prairie schooler

If you want to learn how to finish round 
And oval pieces.  I have a tutorial here
From the JCS ornament issue 2017
Noel Pg 95
Finished one felt.  Used mini
Brads.  Such a rustic  design
With bright colors.
One will be a gift.
A piece I stitched 7 times before.
Peace by blackbird designs
From the JCS ornament issue
I can't believe
I stitche
This will be a year of gifting and this
Is a perfect piece.
I switched up the colors this time.
My piece done in blue and the
Other houses done in a garnet silk.
They will be shipped to their new homes
I stitched these several years ago and
It is posted on my blog if you scroll back
You can see 
 how I did them.
I made each one a tiny bit different

I do not knit and wish I did.

Give her a visit to her etsy.  Well packaged and great
Prices.  These socks or gorgeous and the talent involved, 
I have been working with fabric
A small patch quilt.
The other day I had about 2 dozen cardinals
At my feeder.  My daughter called
Me the cardinal whisperer.

A redheaded woodpecker,  he was pretty big.

I hope everyone is having a great January.

If you want more detals on my projects
You can watch My video here

Happy stitching🌻🌻🌻

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy new year first finishes of 2018

This first piece of the year is to
Celebrate the designer of Chatelaine
Martina Rosenberg who recently passed away.
An amazing designer who was in a class all by 
Herself.  The designs will always be with us.
This is a freebie called Summer.
My favorite season.  Stitched on
A scrap linen.  Finished into a pillow .
She had an amazing  eye for color.
Click here to go to her site

 This is a pattern IN the  JCS ornament issue 2011.
Pg. 60, twinkle
Done on 32 ct raw Opal belfast
Stitched with Gloriana silks
My birthday is New years day.
To celebrate, I wanted to surprise and make
Someone else happy.  This was mailed on 
New years day.  They loved it and it was only
The second piece someone has ever stitched 
For them and they have been stitching since
A teenager.  Always better to give then receive.

 Back done with felt.
 My first ornament of the year
All dolled up by LHN
Done on 28Ct lambswool
I added swarovski crystals to the
Top of the trees.

 My sister made me this stained glass quilted
Piece.  It is gorgeous, in my favorite color blue.
It hangs in my work office and I see it all day long.
AMAZING  isnt it?
 For my birthday she made me a quilted pumpkin
Soooo cool.  So talented.
 I have made project and travel bags
 I made myself a new coin purse.
So easy to make and make great gifts.
Click here to watch a video to make your own

 My daughter bought me an awesome
Kit for Christmas
 I had to share her wrapping.
She also made me the strawberry which
Hangs on my tree.

Starbucks you are here now mugg
I dont drink coffee and never go
To Starbucks by love the mugg.
Great TN design.  Found at target Starbuck cafe.
I saw them and had to purchase one

The cardinals are feeding at the bird feeder
In great numbers.  So pretty.  I was able to get a quick

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season .
2018 will be an amazing year.  
It you want more details on this post, you can 
Watch My video here

Happy New year