Much love to All.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A birthday gift for a co-worker

I made a special gift for a co-worker.  Feb. 28th 
is her birthday.  Helen is someone who went
above and beyond to welcome me at my new
job.  I thank god for people like her.  This is
a partial pattern from  a Freebie.  You
can click here for the pattern.  I thought we
could all use a little spring.  I hope she likes it.
Happy Birthday Helen.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Finished into a pillow

I Finally made it into a pillow.
Up Close. 

Bud- I love this dog.  He keeps me company. How handsome he is.

My Nephew Ryan climbing up the hill so he can ski down.

The Winter Storm we had in Knoxville, TN

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy valentines day

Happy Valentines Day
To: Amanda, Chris, & Alyssa 
I Love you

Saturday, February 9, 2013

first post of 2013

My first post of the year.  the pattern is from country 
cottage needleworks.  this was done on a light 
yellow linen. I have been in tenn. for a while,
but I still dont have a place to live.  It is really hard
 to stitch without most of my supplies.  I did receive
 some really nice gifts from people who know
 i like to cross stitch.  I will be finishing the piece
soon.    I will be catching up on my blogs.  I do visit,
 but I do not have the time to post comments on 
all of them.  The blogs do make me smile.  I hope
 to be settled in the up coming months.  The move was
 a difficult one.  I really like tenn. and I cant say
enough about how friendly all of the people are 
here. I hope everyone who got hit with the snow
 storm is doing well.  I know on long island
 there was over two feet of snow.