Much love to All.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to All

 This was made for my brother in law John
I wanted to buy a pin for the lower right corner
but I forgot and i will purchase in the next
couple of week to add.  Hard to see but
the fabric has fish on it. 
My christmas Cactus.  I truly enjoyed watching
it bloom through the weeks.  So pretty.
How does it know to bloom at christmas ? 
 Some great gifts i received.  This was from
my sister Cheryl.  Can't wait to stitch this one.
 I jumped for joy over this package.  From my
Dad and Kathy.  I am set for the year.
 These were from my Dad and Kathy also.
There is a Santa, it is my Dad.
I never received so many cross stitch items.
Ahhh, the joy of christmas.
This from my best friend Mr. Johnny.
I am a tea lover.  Each piece chosen
just for me.  A truly personal gift that
made me smile.  

I hope everyone enjoys christmas day.
 I am so thankful for all I have.
Thank you Jesus.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas delights - Things to make you smile

 These are bound to make you smile
Some really pretty Gingerbread houses.
I like gingerbread.  Do you?
These were not made by me, but
maybe someday when i get to retire
maybe this is antoher craft i will
get into.   Perishable, have to
really think about that.

 My Christmas stocking.  It's one of the few
things I have from my childhood.  I love it.
My mom had a friend who made one for
me and my two sisters.  The santa has
Angora hair. It is an amazing piece someone
put a lot of talent into. I wish i could thank this
person.  I have no idea who made it.  Chances
are they are in heaven.  I truly like my stocking.
  Yes, the year does give away
my age.  I will be the big '50' on New Year's Day.
Fifty will be fabulous. 
 A couple of people have asked about storage.
For the small patterns i have a small binder with
page protectors and you can flip through the
book to find that special pattern. double sided.
 For larger patterns the same thing but
a bigger binder.  Yes, the whole book
has prairie schooler patterns.
For my DMC I store in Art Bins.  All
#'s are in order and doesn't take up to much
room.  For weeks dye and specialty 
threads I put in Floss bags to protect and
then in an art bin in name order. Easy
and quick access to find what you want.
Everyone has different storage methods.
This works for me. 
Enjoy the Christmas season.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Some Finishes for December

 My second mini cross stitch necklace.
Pansies are one of my many favorite flowers.
This is the second cross stitch necklace I have
made.  I really like how it turned out.  I will
take a break from mini's .  I thought after this
piece I would need the next level of magnifiers,
but i didn't.  The first piece I made is a gift.
I was tempted to keep it but it was made 
with someone special in mind.
I will post later on.   I have been trying to 
expand on my finishes and different pieces
in general for cross stitch. Different ways
of displaying, finishing, etc.  This necklace
fit the bill for something different.  This
one I am keeping for me.  I have given
over 15 cross stitch pieces away this year.

 This was on of my favorite projects of the year.
Simple but bound to make you smile.  Made
for someone who loves the beach and sun.  What
could be better.  This is the second piece I have
framed myself.  I really like how the piece came
out.  Hard to get a really good picture because
it is framed under glass.  I miss the beach. 

 Sunrise in Knoxville, TN
 Sunset in knoxville, TN
And or course a rainbow in knoxville, TN
I have seen some amazing sunrises and
sunsets here with beautiful colors.  I 
hope everyone is enjoying the season of