Much love to All.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

last post for January

 Snow place 2 by CCN
These colors make me smile.
A delight to stitch.
I finished 4 pieces this month.
January went really quick.
I can't wait for spring.

Snow place 1 and 2

I finally finished brittercup
into an ornament.  my love for
animals is why I did this piece.
the dogs in my life, Snoopy( my dogs name),
Duke,  Boomer, Buddy, and Mongo AKA Moo.
our furry family members -  true
unconditional love. God gave us
animals for a reason.
When finishing my pieces Giorgio
said it best.  Happy stitching everyone.
Here comes February.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Snow place

 Snow place 1 by CCN
I just adore the colors in this piece
I changed the snow flake colors and
omitted the tree.  my version.
aquas and blues are my favorite colors
this is displayed by my fireplace.

I hope everyone is embracing the new year.
A new president for those of us in the
United States of America.
A positive outlook for the coming year.
lots of stitching is planned for the coming year.
Happy stitching
I added trim, looks more polished 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

First finish of the year

 My first finish of the year.
LHN N pole express
this piece is so adorable.
I changed it a little bit.
The polar bear is so cute.
It is hanging by my fireplace.

I took down my tree yesterday.
It is like putting friends away for the year.
You can see them comfy in their box.
Does anyone feel a bit of sadness taking down the tree?
or is it just me?
I keep them under my bed with care.
the tree goes in the garage.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

 The ornament was received before Christmas 
From Lee.  The finishing of this piece is something 
I want to do next year.  Thank you Lee.   This bird
is hanging on my tree. 
 I was thinking about the past year.  So many
changes and new beginnings.  To pick one special 
moment of the year was hard.  Below are pictures I
took at the park between Christmas and New Year's. 
The photos were taken with just my cell phone.
You can clearly see the ray of light in each picture. 
I did feel like someone was with me and visiting me.
I did figure of who it was and the lesson I learned.
My sharing these photos is so that people  will be open
to see the ray of light around them.  Our loved ones 
are always with us. 
 This photo was taken at one of my favorite houses.
I just adore Tudor homes.
 The Green orbs of light are on the right.

 On the right you can see more of the red orbs.
can you see anything else in the picture.?
This picture was taken in my backyard 
Some of my favorite colors of the sky.
Thank you for visiting.  Blessings to 
everyone for a great new year.
each comment  is read and appreciated .
Happy stitching everyone.