Much love to All.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Prairie Schooler Santa & more

 The 2017 Prairie schooler santa.
The simplicity and elegance of the
designs just make me smile.
I stitched on a random linen.  I left
off the border and north pole.  I
added a silver compass charm
instead of stitching it.  I added
gold petite treasure braid on the collar
This piece is just a delightful piece
 I found three polar bears that will be
used in a display at christmas

 I stitched three pieces from the
book: Sea, sand and cross stitch by
Anna Field.  Thank you Andrea
for your post about this book.  I just
love the ocean and these designs.

 Finished on a wooden star.
I attached it with magnets
This piece is just a delight
and can be displayed in
my Americana bedroom
as well as my sunroom which
has a beach theme.
 Simple but beautifully framed.
 The garden is still producing a lot
of produce.  I make fresh V8
juices in my juicer.

 At one of the parks i walk in
 This golden finch was eating from 
the sunflower and i was able to get a

I havent had blueberry crepes in almost
two years.  absolutely delicious, with 
fresh lemon curd.

I cannot get over that we are in August.
I have noticed it getting darker earlier,  bahhh.
I am not a winter person, but i stitch the
most in the winter.

I hope everyone is enjoying this summer
I have fall thoughts on my mind and
cannot believe I will be in my house in
september for one year.  It seems time
is going so fast.

If you want to see more up close details on my pieces,
you can watch my youtube video under
Cindy's cross stitch #17.

Until we meet again, happy stitching everyone.