Much love to All.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A new finish. the summer is going quick

 Hands on design
We are well past spring.
These designs are a joy to stitch.
I have been stitching, but have spent the
the past three months looking for a house.
It is exhausting.   I am still recovering
But I did find  an amazing house.
Tons of garden space.
The inspections are tomorrow, I am hoping all goes well.
I do not stitch as much in the summer anyway.
My garden is a joy for me , lots of photos
I am behind on blogging, but will catch up once I am
 settled in the new place.

I planted sunflowers in the garden.
One of my favorites.
Can you see the bee?
All from the garden
I picked a bowl everyday for about 2 weeks straight.
I still have them producing.
Silver slicer cucumbers
Orange pineapple, lemon juice
Pineapple juice
Watermelon mint lemon balm juice
all juices freshed juiced
Miami pineapples.  The best I have ever eaten.
Punks at the park . Reminds me of my mom.
I hope everyone is having a great summer.
A short garden video update garden