Much love to All.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stitchers are truly givers

Can you see the love?  I received all of the cross
stitch items from Stitchers around the world.
Stitchers are truly amazing people.  There are no words
to describe the joy and smiles I experienced opening
Each package .  It was like it was Christmas.  So
Many beautiful charts, linens, floss etc.  I could not 
fit everything into the pictures.  I had tears of joy.

Kindness of others I will carry with me and never
be forgotten.  There was a package from Elaine in the UK,  no
return address.  I could not send a thank you.   I hope
you see this post.  I adored everything.  Andrea from the
craft store stitched a Christmas ornament.  It is
gorgeous and hanging on my wall above my
work computer .  I look at it all day.
thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

To my friend carol at stitching dreams.  Thank you 
for your post and putting this on your blog.  A true
giver you are.  Your thoughtfulness is priceless.

To my sister carol and her family, there are no words
To let you know how grateful I am for taking me in.
how blessed I am.

I still have some brain fog, hoping this to will get better.


Tons of charts , linens, ribbon, cording.
the ornament Andrea made

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to stitching

One of my first finishes since I am recovering. 
A prairie schooler pattern.
So good to be back stitching and getting settled
into my new life.

I wanted to thank everyone for their generous
Thoughts, prayers, and gifts.  Stitchers are the
kindest and most giving people.

My health is getting  better each have day.  I went back
to work yesterday.   It is good to be back in a routine.

A special  blessing sent to my friend Peggy who went
home to heaven a couple of days ago.  I will miss you
my friend.  Until we meet again.