Much love to All.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The last post of the year

 This pattern is by hands on designs.
A year of celebrations
Done on 32 ct spellbook Jobelan by .
I added crystals and a blue snowflake

 Pattern by Prairie schooler
Button up.  I did a snippet .  So
Cute.  Made him into a tiny ornament.
 These snowmen I purchased at 75 percent
Off at one of the craft stores.  They have
A clip on the back.  I monogrammed the scarf
And sent all 6 out as stitching gifts.  They will
Be a surprise for stitchers.  They are super cute.

 The was a freebie from
I will finish into a tiny ornamnet.
 This was a gift from Carol at stitching dreams
A beautiful praIrie schooler santa.
He just makes me smile.
 This was a gift from Vonna the twisted stitcher.
What a beautiful finish.  Perfect colors.
 This is a gift from CraftyCat- Cathy
I actually stitched this piece and sent
It out as a gift.  I love the cardinals

Thank you to all the stitchers who made my
Christmas brighter.
 This is a snowman I made for my brother
In law who does home improvements.
I just used E6000 glue and added the scarf
 This is a cranberry cake I made for Christmas.
A great combination of sweet/tart
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas.
The stitching community is the kindest group
I have ever belonged to.  As we head into the new year,
I wanted to wish everyone a blessed, healthy, and happy
New year.  I read each and every comment, thank you
For taking the time to say hello.

This year I stitched 102 cross stitch pieces.
I gave away over 3 dozens gifts to stitchers.
I have never stitched that many in one year.

2019 will be a different year of  stitching for me.