Much love to All.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A taste of spring

 Spring gathering by scattered seed samplers
Done on 36ct R&R Nantucket brew
I changed the eggs to pastel colors.  It's reminds
Me of when I colored eggs with my kids when 
they were Younger.

Betsy's stocking by Plum street samplers
Done on 32ct hand dyed Jobelan 
Turtles all the way down by ink circles
Done 27ct band
Bell pull by patty smith you can find her
Information on my video posted below.
I finished all 9 pieces for Candace.

Spring  is popping out.
Nashville needlemarket had so many beautiful
Patterns.  I ordered a couple and a lot went
On a wish list.  I think it was a sampler year.
Two YouTube video to watch are Fiber talk with
Gary Parr and Shirl  McKinney or Tranquil stitches
Both did excellent
 Videos of the  market.  There is a link to them
In my youtube Video here
When i get my new patterns I will share them

Thank you for your kinds Comments.  Happy stitching.🌻


gracie said...

Wonderful projects and stitching and beautiful flowers.

Robin in Virginia said...

It looks like spring is beginning to arrive in your area. What super pieces you stitched and finished, Cindy! Well done!

Kay said...

Spring Gathering is such lovely piece to have on display now. I always seem to be behind on my stitching for the season!

Marilyn said...

Great projects.
I have Turtles in my "to do" pile, I love it.
I'm jealous of your Spring, we still have snow, ice & below zero tempos here.
There were a few things I like from Market.
A new designer, the Blue Flower really caught my eye.
She has cute detailed designs, a Bee, and some Squirrels that I really like.

Vickie said...

Oh such sweet stitching Cindy. You are so blessed with Spring weather. We still have ice and snow up here.

Karen said...

Spring really is popping out in your area. We aren't quite that far along yet. Beautiful stitching and finishing! I particularly like Spring Gathering.

Carol said...

Beautiful spring stitching and flower photos, Cindy! I love the change in the egg color and thought if I ever stitched that, I might make them all robin's egg blue :)

We still have snow up here, but it will melt this weekend! I am ready for robins and flowers :) I was in FL last week visiting my sister and so enjoyed the sunshine and warmth!

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