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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sock Monkey JCS ornament completed 2010

Finished my first Christmas ornament from
the JCS 2010 Ornament issue. It is the
sock monkey. How cute is he. I changed
the color of the hat to green. It is my sons
favorite color and I like it better then the
purple. I chose the red mittens over the
purple. The fabric is the same fabric
I used on the Halloween ornament. The
yellow and green matched perfectly. The
cording is trimmed in yellow. It is so
nice when everything matches perfectly.
I like my finish better then the one on
the cover of JCS. I really like changing
and tweeking a chart to my tastes. I
have so many I want to do from this
issue. I have started my second
ornie already. 20th finish


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

He is way tooooo cute!

Theresa said...

OMG!!! He is totally adorable!!! I love how you finished it!!

Cole said...

I love him, he's so cute!!

Carol said...

Aww...who doesn't love a sock monkey, Cindy! Your finish is adorable and I like your color changes, too :)

Sally said...

What a cute finish!! Love it!

Shelley said...

Looks fabulous!!

chrisstitches said...

Oh, Cindy, I love sock monkey. He is so adorable. Love your projects.

Christine said...

Great finish!

Meadows08 said...

So cute and very retro!

Nancy M said...

When I saw this finish I liked it so much better than the magazine and then I read about all the color changes! That must be why it caught my eye this time!! Very cute!

MaryT said...

Hi Cindy I know not that I have to get the JCS ornament issue. I have a friend that has been wanting of all things a sock monkey! LOL This is so cute!

Mary Louise

Lillie said...

Cute! loved the halloween too.
All finish beautifully.

Belinda said...

He is so gorgeous! Well done on such a great finish.