Much love to All.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Spring update

Indigo Lane by Brenda Gervais
Done on 28 ct summer  khaki
Cashel linen.  I changed the
House color, added a dog and
Changed the  grass.

The cherry blossom tree bloomed
And it was beautiful. 
Noel Sampler by Brenda Gervais
Done on 40 ct parchment by 
Weeks due works.  This piece
An amazing and joyful stitch.
Well rounded by Hands on designs 
Done on 32 ct Sandstone Jobelan. 
I am waiting to get supplies to finish 
Pleasure  of the fleeting year by
Blackbird designs.  #6 in
The Loose feathers series. 
Done on 32ct. Morning dove
Lakeside linen.
Block six completed on my
Spring at hawk run hollow. 

I hope  eveyone is doing well.  Be alert  and prepared. Be safe.   Do things That make you happy 
and bring you joy. happy stitching.


Marilyn said...

Indigo Lane is pretty with your changes, as are all of your other stitches.
Stay safe!

Robin in Virginia said...

Hi Cindy! It was good to see your new post. What beautiful stitches you have been worked on and finished! Your Rounds by HOD look fabulous as does your Indigo Lane. The Christmas piece is so pretty; my favorite part is the pair of reindeer. Be well and safe! Thinking of you!

Cindy's cross stitch said...

Thank you. 🌻

Cindy's cross stitch said...

Hi Robin. I hope you are doing well and stitching up a storm!

Karen Motsinger said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely stitching, Cindy. I'm stitching the Autumn Perennial Pinwheel.

Annie said...

Gorgeous stitching!

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Cindy's cross stitch said...

I want to stitch that to.

Cindy's cross stitch said...

Thank you Annie

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Carol said...

I absolutely love your Indigo Lane finish, Cindy. It's a chart I've had and wanted to stitch for a while--perhaps yours will inspire me!

Hope you are well and staying safe. It's been a tough month here, but I hope we've turned the corner :)

Alley Smith said...

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