Much love to All.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Happy August

This pattern is by Stony creek
Fall Quilt leaflet 153
Stitched on AIDA by picure this plus
All done with DMC
I am excited to have this framed

This is a freebie pattern by heart and hand
My nephew was married on Halloween 2017.
Both him and his wife serve in the air force.
I decided to make it a more patriotic piece.

This pattern is by heartstring samplery
Festive little fobs seaside edition
The black wooden tags were purchased
At Hobby Lobby, if you want more details
You can watch My video here

This pattern is by heartstring samplery
Americana edition
The garden is very productive this year
Over 3 dozen picked in one day
The white one is a silver slicer cucumbers

Bundy cake
Blackeyed susans

Purple Rose of Sharon, also known as Althea
I have never seen a purple one and was delighted to plant 
It in my garden. My mom helped me pick it out,
A special find

My Second sprouting of sunflowers

The summer seems to be going fast.
I feel like time is in a speed warp.

Happy August everyone.


Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful finishes you shared, Cindy! Wow, nice haul from your garden! I have never seen those white cucumbers before. The flowers looks super.

Terri Patillo said...

Great assortment of finishes. I love the purple Rose of Sharon!

butterfly said...

What a great post ,love all your stitched finishes.
Great salad goodies and beautiful flowers .

Vickie said...

Such sweet stitching Cindy. And wOw on the produce!!

Carol said...

Always so nice to see a new post from you, Cindy :) You've stitched such pretty things this month... I especially love the little fob designs. I should really look into buying a few of those charts, too.

Oh, my--your produce is exceptional. Do you give a lot of it away? And that purple Rose of Sharon is just lovely. I've never seen one like that. We have a regular old white one blooming in our front yard right now. But, it looks pretty with some black-eyed Susans planted in front of it :)

Yes, this summer is going crazy fast! I can't believe August is a third over already. I'm doing a lot of traveling this month so I don't even think I'll get a new post up until the end of the month. Enjoy your day, my friend--I will check out your video very soon. Always enjoy them, your pretty smile, and positive attitude :)

Natureluvr57 said...

Love it all! Thanks for sharing

RJ said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of your new stitches Cindy. The PS one looks very labor intensive. The fobs are adorable and probably went quick compared to the others. Your produce is have a green thumb! Great photo of you. It looks like the perfect summer day. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

livelymonkey said...

Hi Cindy! I found you very recently of FLosstube, and today have been reading your blog entries. Yesterday I "binge watched" about 10 FT episodes.......and loved them all. I love your gentle voice and manner.....and your work is lovely and your sweet nature and heart shows through in all of it.........AND your garden! I'll be watching you and enjoying all that you do!
Thanks, Mona

laceystitcher said...

Love your finishes - so pretty. I liked seeing the ones on your black board pieces; reminded that I have some of those too. (Making plans.) I was fortunate to attend the Silver Needle July retreat with Cathy of Hands on Designs and Linda of Lizzie Kate - it was a fun three days. Your garden goodies look so yummy - the salad makes my mouth water!! Love the Rose of Sharon. I have some bushes that are past their prime and need to be removed. I am thinking I want to plant Rose of Sharon bushes - I remember my grandmother having them in this very yard where I live on the farm, such good memories. Enjoy the rest of your summer. I agree that it is going fast, but it is also very hot and humid here. I need to mow but am waiting until we have a day with a better breeze which makes it endurable if you wet your clothes down!! LOL Happy stitching and gardening.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Hi Cindy, finishing is not easy & it takes time. I give you lots of credit, your work
is amazing.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Cindy, your Stoney Creek finish looks fantastic. I so love their designs.
Your garden seems to be so fertile. Wonderful produce, and so much. I think I would eat these mixed salads all summer long, every day.

Unknown said...

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