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Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunflowers and Fall

Sunflower Manor by Hands on Designs
Done on 32 ct linen Slate
Fabrics by Stephanie
This is an amazing design and beautiful fall
 By Summer House  designs
sampler motifs
done on 30 ct wren
finished in a 5 inch hoop.
Love the hoop finish on
these.  I am doing the whole

 Fabric pumpkins
I will include a link for the
tutorials.  super cute.
I am thinking of doing
some nautical and
patriotic pumpkins.

 My Fall display
This sunflower just bloomed the other day.
This is the second batch of sunflowers
that bloomed from the seeds i feed my
birds.  How awesome is that.  

Link for Fabric pumpkins

My Flosstube video for more detail on these projects

Happy Fall everyone.


RJ said...

Great post Cindy. I love all of your pumpkin designs especially the one on the slate fabric. That looks so cool. Have a great weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Mary said...

Such pretty stitches and I love the idea of framing the stitch in a hoop...I love the look of the slate fabric but haven't stitched on any dark fabric yet..looks difficult to me. Have a great weekend. Mary

Alissa said...

LOVE these new finishes! Especially the chalkboard Autumn and your fabric pumpkins. I just watched your new FlossTube -- you made a really good decision with the mini pumpkin topper. So cute!

Marilyn said...

Cute Fall finishes.
The Pumpkins are too cute.
Thanks for the link.

Vickie said...

Sunflower Manor is so cool looking Cindy. The sampler motifs are really neat. I like how different they are.

Robin in Virginia said...

Cindy, I love your fall display. What beautiful finished you created and I really like the fabric pumpkins; thanks for providing a link. Care to share any tips for your hoop finish?

Brigitte said...

Wonderful what you have stitched. I love your fall display.

Andrea said...

Great finishes, the pumpkins look super.

Karen said...

Great fall display! Thanks for providing the link to the fabric pumpkins.

Carol said...

Such pretty fall decor, Cindy! I love the fabric pumpkins--hadn't seen those before. Thank you for the link... And I love the Christmas ornaments in your header--all so beautifully finished!

Carin said...

what a beautiful stitchings, love the display with all your projects