Much love to All.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Spring

 From the JCS ornament issue 2013
Peace.  I changed some of the colors
Peace was done in a satin silver.
 I made a ribbon candy cross stitch
years ago.  I missed this piece, so i 
did another one.  On the right i combined
two different lizzie kate patterns to
make this summer piece.  I added black
cording and layered a purple chenille
onto top of the cording.  A double
layer trim.

 This is also from the 2013 JCS
ornament issue.  by CCN.
I added red and clear swarovski crystals

 A couple of years back i made
a couple of cross stitch necklaces.
I really wanted one again and
made this piece.  I used a rosebud,
Perfect for spring.
 Back from the framer.  The designer
is Satsuma.  Happy spring.
This framed piece is just
gorgeous.  It is really hard to
get a good picture due to the glare
from the glass.  It is now hanging
in my livingroom.

 My daughter  Alyssa was down
for a Visit to TN and also
stopped to see my son in SC.
I showed her all the sites to
see in TN.  It was a great time 
for both of us.
 Ducks at the park
 Turtles sunbathing at the park, so cool.
I made this piece for my sister Cheryl.
I forgot to post .  the pattern is by
Priarie Schooler.  Double
wedding ring.  

I hope everyone is having a great Spring.
The warmer weather is so nice.
Happy Stitching everyone.


Justine said...

Gorgeous finishes Cindy. I love the Satsuma Street one, the mat and frame are perfect.
You must hear this all the time but your daughter is so like you!

Marilyn said...

All cute projects.
That Bunny sure is cute framed up.
Glad you had time with your daughter.

Annie said...

Aren't you the busy one! What a lovely group of finishes. My all out favorite is that necklace. It's just gorgeous!

Vickie said...

Wonderful finishes Cindy! Wow to the Happy Spring framed piece!♥ And your necklace looks lovely on you. The picture of you and your daughter is just wonderful.

Robin in Virginia said...

Cindy, what a fabulous assortment of finished projects you shared. Your rose necklace is stunning. It sounded like you had a wonderful time with your daughter. Enjoy your week!

Mary said...

I love all of your projects. I am glad you had a nice visit with your daughter.

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Hi Cindy, Your projects are lovely but I do love the necklace with the rosebud, that is beautiful.

Carol said...

So glad Alyssa was able to visit you, Cindy--I'm sure you both enjoyed your time together. Love the photo of the two of you :)

Wow! That Satsuma framed bunny is fabulous--I can just imagine you smiling each time you walk by it :) Love your new ornaments, too--your tree will be filled in no time at the rate you are going. Ribbon candy was always a part of Christmas at my grandma's so seeing your candy ornament brought back fun memories!

Hope your Spring is going well--I'm sure it is lovely down your way right about now :)

Brigitte said...

All your ornament finishes are so sweet. And that little bunny looks gorgeous in the frame.
Great for you that your daughter could come and visit you. I'm sure you were having a great time, both of you.

10 doigts dodus said...

Very pretty necklace!