Much love to All.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

 As I reflect on the past year, my 50th, I
am thankful to be here.  It really was the best
and worst year rolled into one.  January 2015 I was
in NYC, and saw my two daughters and best
friends.  Had a work celebration with my son
Chris in Fla,   and a great summer vacation with my
nephew Ryan in Myrtle Beach.   I will focus
on the good and not the health challenges  from
mold.  The outreach from people around the world
from the stitching community is something I will
never forget.  Although I am not where I want
to be,  I am thankful I am not where I was in
September.  My happiest moment of the year
was seeing the Lion King in Manhattan with my
two best friends.  A great 50th celebration.
 I was blessed with receiving a whole box
of stash from my friend Peggy who
passed away in the fall.  I finished the 4th house.
This piece started by Peggy  will be finished
by me.   I am sure she is smiling from heaven.

 My 50th year.

A new year and a new beginning.
May everyone have a blessed new year.


Justine said...

What a lovely tribute to your friend. I'm sure she would be thrilled that you are finishing her stitching. Wishing you a very happy 2016.

Robin in Virginia said...

Cindy, you are an inspiration to me. I am sorry about the loss of your friend, but I know she is smiling down on you as you finish her piece. Wishing you a healthy and joy-filled 2016.

Lee said...

Happy birthday for January first and all good wishes for the year ahead may it be filled with many blessings

Mii Stitch said...

Very best wishes for the New Year

Marilyn said...

Wishing you health and happiness in the New Year.

Annie said...

An up and down year for you, but you've really weathered the storm! So sweet to pick up you friend's stitching. Hoping 2016 brings you health, happiness and stitchy goodness!

Vickie said...

To have your friend's stitching and complete her work is very special.
Happy, Healthy New Year Cindy!

Blu said...

What a lovely tribute to your friend!

I hope 2016 is a much better year for you.

Penny said...

Wishing you a healthy and happy new year, Cindy! That will be a very special finish!

Brigitte said...

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year, full of stitching and crafting and family and friends.

Melody said...

Happy New Year! How nice that you are finishing what your friend started!