Much love to All.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring is upon us - Let the colors shine through

 From lizzie kate Spring.
I changed some to the colors around.
I really like the purple colors.
My sisters favorite color.  So i think of her
when i see it.  My grandma's favorite smell
was Lilac,  everytime i smell it i think of her.

 My Easter Decorations are out.
I love spring more each year.
I do not like the winter and was
so happy when we turned the clocks
ahead. I hope everyone is getting 
some warmer weather. 


Robin in Virginia said...

What super Easter/spring displays you have created! Congratulations on your LK finish!

Robin in Virginia

Vickie said...

Love all the Spring decorations you have. The LK is pretty.

Annie said...

Love the colors in the LK piece. They pop!

You spring displays look fabulous! I'm so glad winter is finally fading away.

DUSTY said...

Lovely decorations and stitching !!

Marilyn said...

Such a cute finish, and great Spring/Easter decorations.

Lillie said...

Beautiful Spring/Easter displays.
You finished LK beautifully.

Carol said...

Such pretty, pretty Spring and Easter finishes, Cindy! Your newest LK piece is darling :)

I felt the same way about turning the clocks ahead--it is wonderful to have that extra hour of daylight after work! I seem to have so much more energy, too!

Even though it is still very cold up here, it is so nice to have more sunshine and a warm day here and there :)

Frances said...

Your Easter decorations are wonderful! I love all your sweet stitches!! So lovely! The LK is great!

Maggee said...

Love all the Spring decorating! And the LK Spring piece is so pretty! congrats!

Brigitte said...

I love your spring decoration very much. All these lovely bunnies. And your new L*K pillow is such a beautiful addition.

Anne said...

Beautiful new Spring finish to add to your beautiful bowl of finishes Cindy! Love your decorations! Very festive :D