Much love to All.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas decorations are out and old friends appear.

 When I put up the cross stitch tree,
you can't help but smile.  So many
pieces over the years.  Its like visiting
old friends. 

 Christmas pillow display
 My two favorite chrismas pictures
of my kids when they were small.
My oldest daughter, Amanda,
bought me back mini Christmas
ornaments a few years back from
her trip over seas.  I purchased a
small table tree to display them.


Vickie said...


Hazel said...

I feel the same way when I bring out my ornies! It is such a heart warming picture of friendship. x

Robin in Virginia said...

Love love love your tree filled with cross stitch ornaments! Simply awesome! Your Christmas d├ęcor looks fabulous.

Robin in Virginia

Marilyn said...

What cute trees!

Andrea said...

Beautiful decorating.

Carol said...

I know just how you feel when you get out your ornaments, Cindy! Your tree looks darling and I love seeing a few of my gifts to you on it--makes me think I should stitch them again for myself :)

Enjoy your decorations--I have my tree up and lit, but not decorated yet... Soon, I hope!

Maggee said...

Oh now I am inspired to start pulling MY trees and ornaments out! What a wonderful blogpost! Thanks for sharing!

Lillie said...

Beautiful displays.

Kay said...

So beautiful, thanks for sharing!