Much love to All.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A mother's day tribute to my mom

Basil and Spearmint.

Things I remember about my mom.
Growing up, my mom did a garden every year.
We didn't have a big yard.  On the side of the
house, she always grew tomatoes and a couple
of other veggies.  She was a great cook.
Every year we went to Lake George, NY for
vacation.  She always let me bring my best friend
Gina.  When her mom passed away, Grandma
Russell, we all took a trip to Hawaii.  It was
something she gave I will never forget.
Since my kids are now grown, I see how much
she influenced me.  I took all 3 of my kids
to Maui in 2005 by myself.  Its something I 
wanted to give them and hope they remember.
 I make a great pizza
from scratch, a great pot of sauce, etc.
just like my mom did.  Yum Pizza.
I planted my pots of herbs this year.  They
are getting big.  It reminds how my mom
has such a green thumb and still does
till this day. When my kids were growing
up, I took them on vacation each year.  
I would let my oldest daughter Amanda
bring her friend Liz,  just like my mom
would let my friend Gina come with us.
No one in the world can ever replace
your MOM.  Happy mother's day Mom.

Things I remember about being a mom:
I read to my kids each night and when they
got older, i had them read to me.  Bath 
time each night was filled with lots of bubbles.
I took them to the park almost everyday,
Speno Park, Wantagh Park and Eisenhower Park
I took them to the the beach a lot.
I remember how they played on the swing set
each day.  I remember the boat pool they
played in all the time.   I took them on
vaction each year and made a point to have
it be a different location each year.
I attended their school music concerts each
year.  They were all talented in the arts.
All of those birthday parties, I tried to make
each one special.
As a mom, you wonder if they remember any
of the things you did for them.

Happy mother's day to all of the moms.


Carol said...

What lovely memories of your mom, Cindy. I don't think one truly appreciates all a mother has done for her, until she becomes a mother herself... Happy Mother's Day to you--you sound like a wonderful mom to me :)

CalamityJr said...

Thank you for sharing your special Mom with us. I'm sure your children know how special you are, as well. Hope you're enjoying a blessed day!

Chris said...

What a lovely post!
I hope that you had a wonderful day!

Vickie said...

A super post Cindy. I am so happy for you that you had a nice childhood. :)

Andrea said...

Wonderful memories.