Much love to All.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A second post for today but this piece is so cute. Lizzie Kate

 This pattern is by lizzie Kate
June Flip it
It's amazing how finishing can
change a stitching piece.  Next
are a bunch of ways to think of a
rainbow and it's bound to make
you smile.  I would love the car.
The house looks so cool.


Mary said...

Your finishing is wonderful, Cindy!
The rainbow colors are a welcome change from all of "the white" we have seen over the past months.

I'm ready for the colors and warmth of spring :)

Catherine said...

Fabulous finish!! Love all the rainbow variations!

Chris said...

Wonderful finishing on the LK piece, so sweet and summery.
Thanks for all the color in this post. So cheery!

Carol said...

What fun post, Cindy--the LK finish and the rainbow images all brought a smile! Great job on your little pillow--that cord-making is really addicting, isn't it?!