Much love to All.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Exchange received

 I received this beautiful ornament from
Jayne N. from the UK.  It was
stitched on 28ct. Blue linen.
Really pretty and I can't wait to
display it this year.

A lot of my friends are turning 50.
I will be 50 soon myself.
How cute is the bucket.  I love
the hedgehog stitckers.  A great
gift idea.  


Catherine said...

Sweet exchange piece!! I hope that in reality 50 doesn't really suck!!

Mii Stitch said...

Sweet gifts!!! Do they do one for 40??? :D

Marilyn said...

Cute exchange piece.
Love the Bucket!

Chris said...

Very sweet ornament! I will be 50 this year too Cindy, it is not going to suck :)

Anne said...

Pretty exchange pillow Cindy! I love the bucket! Hopefully it won't suck!!

Carol said...

Such a cute piece you received from Jayne, Cindy... 50 is still young--believe me :)

Andrea said...

A lovely pillow from Jayne.