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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Birthday gift for a special friend

 This is a special Birthday Gift that I made
Carol at Stitching Dreams.  We have
been blog friends for many years and we
share the same birthday month.  I always
try to make it extra special.  I got this idea
from Vonna at The Twisted Stitcher.  When
I first saw the pocket watch, I thought
about Carol.  I know she has a snowman tree
and I thought this would be perfect for her.
The snowman is from the JCS 2009 issue,
Let it snow, by Glory Bee Designs.  I did
tweek the colors a little bit.  I have to say
this snowman is pretty cute.  I know
Carol received her gifts so I can post this
This is a picture I took a little over a month
ago when I was going on my last break at work.
The colors were just amazing.  The Sunset was
really stunning.  It is much warmer today, it will
be in the 50's.  I like the warmer weather.
Happy stitching.


Barb said...

Just found your blog Cindy and have been spending happy time just browsing your previous posts. Oh I love the snowman and look forward to visiting you again.

Vickie said...

That turned out great Cindy! The sunset is beautiful. It is warming up here too! Hooray!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

That turned out great! and I think it is a fabulous idea to use it as an ornament too, I know Carol had to love it! :)

Robin in Virginia said...

What a wonderful gift you created for Carol! What fabric did you use for it?

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Mii Stitch said...

This is a sweet finish and will make a wonderful gift!

Carol said...

Your birthday gift was so, so special, Cindy--I just love it!! It makes me smile each time I see it--thank you again for being such a great friend and for remembering my birthday each year. It's not easy having a birthday so close to Christmas, as you well know!! I'm always pleased when someone does remember :)

Myra said...

Such a sweet and gorgeous gift Cindy. I know Carol just loves it.

Lisa said...

Your pocket watch turned out wonderfully! I love that little snowman. What a great gift. I am sure that it will be a treasure. The sunset is beautiful, too. Take care.

Christine said...

That is fabulous, (or should that be fobulous?) I love the way you've finished it

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great job - beautifully done. I see so many wonderful sunsets from the car on the way home from work, but don't want to stop to capture. Thanks for sharing the glow!

Catherine said...

What a fabulous gift ~ such a treasure!! Beautiful sunset too!

valerie said...

What a great gift for Carol! Love the snowman in the pocketwatch finish! I hope you have a nice birthday too!

Brigitte said...

Wonderful, a very special gift for Carol.

Andrea said...

A beautiful gift.