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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A special post for the house i lived in for 25 years

A special post on the house i have lived in for 25 years.
106 Grant Blvd.  Since Thanksgiving is on the
way, there isnt a better time to post about this house.
I am Thankful for the years I have lived here. Although
I was forced to live here for the past 12 years against
my will, it was a place I called home.   I cant believe
I have been here 25 years.  Where does the time go.
I raised my kids in this house, they are now grown.
It is a house they will always remember.  I remember
the house i grew up in on Gotham Ave, I still have
dreams about it,  memories that live in our soul.
So on Thanksgiving, think about the houses in
our life and be thankful we have one.  No everyone
does.  So many people lost their homes in Hurricane
Sandy, I pray for them all.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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