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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas Robbins by Barbara Ana Designs

This cute little piece is by Barbara Ana Designs.
The fish are so cute.  When i saw the design I
knew i had to do it.  Love the christmas hats on
these fish.  I added bells to the top of the ornament.
I am on a very tight budge with selling my house.
I always feel a nice wreath makes a house a home.
The old wreath was getting worn out.  I needed
something to make it pop.  If anyone has purchased 
wreaths, you know how expensive they can be.  On
the way home from church i stopped at a nursery
to look around.  This berry wreath stood out and
guess what?  It was on clearance.  It was only
12.77, a nice size.  Ahhhh don't you just love a
bargain.   October is almost over.  It just
blew by.


Carol said...

What a cute ornament, Cindy! The little Santa hats on the fish are adorable and I like the bell you added at the top.

Your wreath is perfect for fall and on into winter--such a great find!

Hope you're having a lovely October :)

Catherine said...

Cute finish and great find on that wreath!

Patty C. said...

Beautiful wreath!

Myra said...

Cute finish Cindy. That wreath is gorgeous.

Annette-California said...

Lovely wreath - Great for now thru Christmas, perfect. Love your Barbara Ana ornament - super cute. Nice finish with the bell!
love Annette

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous ornament. It is very cute. Love the wreath.

Chris said...

Beautiful finish. I love the wreath too. I hope the house sells soon. fingers crossed.

SewAmy said...

Such a cute ornament. What is the blue around the edges? ric rac? or crochet? I love it.

♥ Nia said...

adorable!! congrats on your finish :)

Anne said...

Oooh I adore this design by Barbara Ana...just discovered her through the online needlework show! Love the autumn photos and that wreath is gorgeous!!

Sally said...

I love your ornament Cindy! I'm going to have to treat myself to this one soon.

The wreath is really pretty.

Nancy M said...

Very cute ornament! I need a new Christmas wreath and even at 50% off at HL, they are way too expensive. I love the one you found for such a reasonable price!