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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Favorite things.

You know how Oprah has her favorite things each year. Here is a list of my favorite things. Things that make my life SWEET.

1. Amazing Grace - by Philosophy
2. Bare Minerals
3. Loccitane -Verbene shower gel.
4. Clarisonic - Love this baby
5. Philosophy Purity - great cleanser.
6. Yankee Candles - my house smells so good right now.
7. Honora pearls
8. Stitching charts - Weeks Dye works, etc. to much to list.
9. Mrs. Prindables - the best apple I ever ate.
10. Candle Impressions -with timer. candles that have no flame - love these.
11. Wen By Chaz dean - I use no other hair product. You will love this .

Most of the items on my list can be found on QVC. They truly have the best
products and service.

What I remember about christmas as a child: Each year in our stocking there was a clear hard plastic bag of lollipops. 3 colors, green, yellow, and red. They had christmas shapes and were the best tasting lollipops ever. One year the company stopped making them. I still search for them. Isn't funny, I still check to see if they will ever be out again. I am in my 40's and want those lollipops. I have found some close ones, but nothing compares to them. I also remember my grandma and grandpa Russell coming over every christmas. They had a big box of goodies for us each christmas in a trunk like box. We each had our own box. This is what I remember the most about christmas as a child.

Merry Christmas.


Christine said...

Have you tried here for your retro sweets?

Carol said...

Isn't it funny how the tastes of our childhoods bring back such strong memories, Cindy? Those lollipops sure sound tasty!