Much love to All.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A stocking I am making for my son for christmas.
I will be making three stockings for this christmas.
One for each of my kids. starting next september I
will have two children in college and low on funds I
thought I would make them an extra special gift and put
the christmas money in it. College kids wants money for
christmas anyway. These are big projects, but I like how
this one is looking so far.


Donna said...

Love the stocking. Yes, money is best for kids over the age of 16 I have found. They prefer it over gifts.
You have done a wonderful job stitching!

Lynn B said...

Cindy what a lovely idea, the stitching is gorgeous.

Cynimin said...

Beautifil! I've always wanted to do stockings for my kids (now mostly grown) and now you have given me the inspiration to 'just do it!'

Lynn B said...

Cindy please visit my blog to collect your blog award!

Lynn B said...

Hi Cindy
With regards to the award you just right click on the picture and "save picture as" or "copy" and then save to a word document onto your desktop or in a folder and then upload as you would normally do.

Happy stitching!

Rebecca (Becky J) said...


Are the stockings from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazines? I know at one time they had a lot of stockings during Christmas. They are still on my to do list.

Nancy M said...

I've stitched this stocking before and now I want to do the *girlie* one in the series for my new grand daughter. I just love the details in these!