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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy new year first finishes of 2018

This first piece of the year is to
Celebrate the designer of Chatelaine
Martina Rosenberg who recently passed away.
An amazing designer who was in a class all by 
Herself.  The designs will always be with us.
This is a freebie called Summer.
My favorite season.  Stitched on
A scrap linen.  Finished into a pillow .
She had an amazing  eye for color.
Click here to go to her site

 This is a pattern IN the  JCS ornament issue 2011.
Pg. 60, twinkle
Done on 32 ct raw Opal belfast
Stitched with Gloriana silks
My birthday is New years day.
To celebrate, I wanted to surprise and make
Someone else happy.  This was mailed on 
New years day.  They loved it and it was only
The second piece someone has ever stitched 
For them and they have been stitching since
A teenager.  Always better to give then receive.

 Back done with felt.
 My first ornament of the year
All dolled up by LHN
Done on 28Ct lambswool
I added swarovski crystals to the
Top of the trees.

 My sister made me this stained glass quilted
Piece.  It is gorgeous, in my favorite color blue.
It hangs in my work office and I see it all day long.
AMAZING  isnt it?
 For my birthday she made me a quilted pumpkin
Soooo cool.  So talented.
 I have made project and travel bags
 I made myself a new coin purse.
So easy to make and make great gifts.
Click here to watch a video to make your own

 My daughter bought me an awesome
Kit for Christmas
 I had to share her wrapping.
She also made me the strawberry which
Hangs on my tree.

Starbucks you are here now mugg
I dont drink coffee and never go
To Starbucks by love the mugg.
Great TN design.  Found at target Starbuck cafe.
I saw them and had to purchase one

The cardinals are feeding at the bird feeder
In great numbers.  So pretty.  I was able to get a quick

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season .
2018 will be an amazing year.  
It you want more details on this post, you can 
Watch My video here

Happy New year 


Karen said...

Happy New Year, Cindy! The stained glass quilt your sis made is gorgeous.

Love the freebie. It is a lovely breath of summer in this very cold winter.

Kay said...

Happy new year. You have been busy already, I count myself lucky to get anything finished by the end of the month. x

Marilyn said...

Looks like you are off to a good start!
All great projects, and the Stained Glass quilt is beautiful.
Happy belated B-Day and New year!!!

Annie said...

Happy New Year! You sure are starting the New Year with a lot of stitchy goodness.
Lovely tribute to Chatelaine. And what a beautiful quilt piece. Love your mug.. I've often thought of buying the DC one.

Vickie said...

I really like the gift you gave to your stitchy friend. Wow! Your sisters quilts are super! I don't drink coffee either, but those mugs are neat. Maybe the next time I am in Target I should look in Starbucks. Good idea. ;)

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy New Year, Cindy and happy belated birthday wishes to you! The stain glass quilted piece from your sister is stunning. You received several lovely gifts. The snowflake is beautiful and I really like how you finished it using the wooden hoop and felt. Good for you on your ornament finish! Enjoy your week!

Justine said...

What beautiful ornaments Cindy. I especially love the LHN one. All beautifully finished too.
Wow your sister is really talented!
You've been busy with your machine too. One day I will learn to make project bags too. Yours look so neat.

Carol said...

What a pretty new stitched piece in honor of Martina, Cindy! It looks so lovely displayed in the tin with the sprigs of spring flowers. Your new little ornament is so cute, too!

Your sister is a talented quilter--love her gifts to you and it must be so nice to have a sister who shares your interest in fabrics and stitches :) Neither of mine do :(

Hope your 2018 brings you many, many peaceful moments of stitching time, my friend!

Terry said...

Hi Cindy,
I watch your videos. I am taking old magazines to the thrift store. I noticed you are stitching the gardening stocking. I’m not sure which ones you have, but I have one with a quilt and toys, clock and desk. July/August 1988. My email is rjbryson@ if you would like this book. I would be happy to mail it to you, enjoy your videos! Terry

Mary said...

Cindy, what a chock filled post of beauties. The watering can stitch is lovely, thank you for the link. Your sister is a very talented quilted. I dabble in stained glass so this was just lovely to see a quilt made to look like stained glass. Happy Belated Birthday and hope your New Year is a Happy one filled with lots of stitching. Mary

Andrea said...

You're off to a flying start this year. Love all of your finishes, stitched and sewn. Love the quilting that your sister created, the blue one is stunning. Have a good weekend.

Penny said...

I share your love of summer, and that is such a pretty, summery piece! All of your ornaments are beautiful -- you do such a great job finishing them! Your sister's quilted pieces are lovely. Wishing you a happy, productive new year!

RJ said...

Cindy such beautiful stitches and finishes. I enjoyed seeing them. Your sister did a wonderful job with the quilting...beautiful. Hope your birthday was very special and that you have a wonderful new year. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Gisela Suski said...

Hi Cindi love your floss tube. I know you live in TN (beautiful state) I am originally from Long Island, New York Franklin Square. I miss my cross stitch friends from there.
You are so talented & so giving. I moved 20 years ago to Omaha NE, east coast person to
Midwest., instragram I @ga447.

Quiltsmiles said...

Cindy I love all your finishes they are beautiful. I especially love Martina’s Summer pattern and as love love stitching, gardening and chatelaine designs poked around to get that pattern. But bust! Can’t. Get it even with that link you supplied. Would you please send me the page link so I can get it. I’d appreciate it.