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To all of my vistors. It is a joy to share my stitching. Anyone who leaves a comment has truly made me smile. Each comment is read and it is greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy new year first finishes of 2018

This first piece of the year is to
Celebrate the designer of Chatelaine
Martina Rosenberg who recently passed away.
An amazing designer who was in a class all by 
Herself.  The designs will always be with us.
This is a freebie called Summer.
My favorite season.  Stitched on
A scrap linen.  Finished into a pillow .
She had an amazing  eye for color.
Click here to go to her site

 This is a pattern IN the  JCS ornament issue 2011.
Pg. 60, twinkle
Done on 32 ct raw Opal belfast
Stitched with Gloriana silks
My birthday is New years day.
To celebrate, I wanted to surprise and make
Someone else happy.  This was mailed on 
New years day.  They loved it and it was only
The second piece someone has ever stitched 
For them and they have been stitching since
A teenager.  Always better to give then receive.

 Back done with felt.
 My first ornament of the year
All dolled up by LHN
Done on 28Ct lambswool
I added swarovski crystals to the
Top of the trees.

 My sister made me this stained glass quilted
Piece.  It is gorgeous, in my favorite color blue.
It hangs in my work office and I see it all day long.
AMAZING  isnt it?
 For my birthday she made me a quilted pumpkin
Soooo cool.  So talented.
 I have made project and travel bags
 I made myself a new coin purse.
So easy to make and make great gifts.
Click here to watch a video to make your own

 My daughter bought me an awesome
Kit for Christmas
 I had to share her wrapping.
She also made me the strawberry which
Hangs on my tree.

Starbucks you are here now mugg
I dont drink coffee and never go
To Starbucks by love the mugg.
Great TN design.  Found at target Starbuck cafe.
I saw them and had to purchase one

The cardinals are feeding at the bird feeder
In great numbers.  So pretty.  I was able to get a quick

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season .
2018 will be an amazing year.  
It you want more details on this post, you can 
Watch My video here

Happy New year 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Merry Christmas and 2017 review

 Merry Christmas with love
From the JCS 2015 issue
Done on 28 ct Jobelan thyme
Added petite treasure braid silver for bicycle 
I did all of the lettering in red

 Peace from the JCS 2013 issue
By blackbird designs
Done on 32 ct queens Annes lace Jobelan
Trimmed the dove and lettering
In silver petite treasure braid
Switched the colors on the house
A beautiful piece to stitch.

 Fa la la by lizzie kate
Done two different ways
One done on a scrap linen
And one on 18 ct chalk 
And added mill hill beads

 My gift to you is a freebie
By La de da
Done on a scrap linen
 From the Prairie schooler book 147
Old Mcdonald
I did just the pig.  I did back
Stitch to make him pop.
 From the summer house series
IKL is completed 
Hanging on my wall in a hoop.
 From the JCS 2017 Issue
From hands on designs. JOY
This was done on spring from
Picture this plus
I changed the colors to red, white, and gold
This was my 65th finish of the year.
Since I was born in 1965,  that will be
My last finish of the year.
May monthly chalk series by hands on designs
Done on 32 ct slate linen
Fabrics by Stephanie

It has been an amazng year.  I never stitched
And completed 65 pieces in one year.
I added 27 ornaments to my tree.
I gave away 12 cross stitch pieces
Only 2 were professionally framed.
63 pieces finished by me.
I did my first chatelaine
My first large mill hill kit
My first county fair
My first stitching retreat
Started my first heaven and earth design
Started my first Mirabilia
My first time stitching in a hoop,
In a frame, in a spring hoop and a qsnap
I stitch a lot in hand still.

I had some great trips and memories this year.
2018 will be amazing.

To all who viewed my blog I want
To wish you a merry Christmas and
A blessed new year.  Enjoy time with
Family and friends.  Reflect on
The good and positive things.  I
Appreciate each and every one of you.

If you want more details you can watch
My flosstube video here

Until next year,
Happy stitching🌻🌻🌻

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunflower Manor by hands on Designs
Done on 16ct chalkboard Aida
Mounted on black foam core board 

 We celebrated dad's 75th birthday in fla
We had an awesome trip
 Me surviving TSA

 Homdmade cranberry sauce
 Thank you Andrea from The craft room
Just gorgeous.  So honored to have this treasure.

80 percent off at Hobby Lobby under 25 dollars

If you want more details you can watch
My youtube video

Happy thanksgiving everyone

Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunflowers and Fall

Sunflower Manor by Hands on Designs
Done on 32 ct linen Slate
Fabrics by Stephanie
This is an amazing design and beautiful fall
 By Summer House  designs
sampler motifs
done on 30 ct wren
finished in a 5 inch hoop.
Love the hoop finish on
these.  I am doing the whole

 Fabric pumpkins
I will include a link for the
tutorials.  super cute.
I am thinking of doing
some nautical and
patriotic pumpkins.

 My Fall display
This sunflower just bloomed the other day.
This is the second batch of sunflowers
that bloomed from the seeds i feed my
birds.  How awesome is that.  

Link for Fabric pumpkins

My Flosstube video for more detail on these projects

Happy Fall everyone.