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To all of my vistors. It is a joy to share my stitching. Anyone who leaves a comment has truly made me smile. Each comment is read and it is greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A couple of new finishes

Old Glory by LHN.
This piece was a gift for someone.  When
we make pieces for people we always 
hope they will appreciate them.  I am
happy to report they really liked it.
Very traditional and patriotic.  It was
a pleasure to stitch.  Of course I
tweeked the pattern to make my piece.
I made another scissor fob.  A delightful
angel.  Where did the summer go?  It is winding
down as we will be transitioning into fall. 
September is a great month, but not looking forward
to the winter.  I am not a winter person at all.  Amazing
how time goes quickly.  Each day is a gift.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Scissor fob and a trip to the local Needleshop

I do not have any scissor fobs.  I decided
to stitch up a flower.  So cute and now
my scissor has some company.  
I took a trip today to my LNS.  Dixie Darlin,
Pigeon Forge, TN. 
This store always has so much to see.
Lots of samples all around the store.
If you are ever in the area, I highly
recommend a visit to this store.
I put together six new projects to
stitch.  Lizzie Kate has come out with
some new pieces to stitch.  Is it me
or have they really made some great
changes lately?  I really like the
new patterns they have come out with.
They packed each project in their
own bag.  The projects are ready to
grab and go.

 New ribbons to finish projects.
Joe's Crab shack,  so thankful they
have on in Tenn.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Christmas in July 2014

It's christmas in July.  What can be better.
Each year I choose special patterns to 
make christmas ornaments for some
special people.  This year I decided to
use Lizzie Kate Flora Mcsamples 2012.
The best thing about this pattern is you
get 3 different patterns for one price.
It is endless the possibilites to finish
these pieces.  Since all of the pieces 
are for stitchers I stitch with, I wanted
to make them the same but different.
Each piece has a different charm.
Some have Swarovski crystals.  The
fabrics were purchase in Fla. on
my summer vacation.  They really
match the patterns.  Some patterns
i used different colors, some I tweeked
a little bit.  I did a happy dance after
finishing these pieces.  What would
christmas be with out some chocolate?
What a beautiful cake.  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

LHN finish and a trip to Ormond Beach,Fla.

 Fabrics purchased in Ormond beach
and St Augustine.
 My dads house in Fla.

 My Niece Bella and I
 Daytona Beach.  I miss the ocean so much.
Water was just beautiful.
 Bella Boogie boarding.  She is
a great swimmer.
 My Dad, Bella, and Kathy in St. Augustine.
 We took a day trip to St. Augustine
the oldest city in America.

 Beautiful Mosaic tile in St. Augustine.
 You can't have vacation without chocolate.
LHN Finish "Gingerbread cookie"
I changed the outline to Green.
An Easy stitch and so pretty.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Some finishes - a Big post for me

 I finished the third block on Hawk run hollow.
I am enjoying doing this big piece.
The colors are so nice.

 This is a design by plumstreetsamplers
It was a freebie and I only stitched a 
portion of the pattern.  The little pine
cones i found walking at the Blvd.
 This pattern is by Prairie Schooler
This is for a friends birthday coming up.
Not knowing much about the person, I
know they served in the military.
A heart in the hand seemed like a good
pattern to choose.
 This patter is by Cherry Wood Design Studios.
I added lace ribbon and the fabric really 
makes it pop.
Horses i saw yesterday walking at the park
around my block.  Who doesn't love horses.

I usually don't post such a big post, but I
didn't have time to finish my pieces until
today.  I call it my design time.  I like
putting the finishes together and see the
pieces come to life.   I know tomorrow
is Memorial Day.  Thank you to everyone
who has served for this country.  Many
have put their lives on the line for all
of us.  To(step) Dad in heaven, a special
 thanks to you. To my friends Jon & Rod and to
all the other family members who are no
longer here but served for us, thank you.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Congratulations Ryan

Congratulations Ryan.  University of Alabama Here he comes. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A mother's day tribute to my mom

Basil and Spearmint.

Things I remember about my mom.
Growing up, my mom did a garden every year.
We didn't have a big yard.  On the side of the
house, she always grew tomatoes and a couple
of other veggies.  She was a great cook.
Every year we went to Lake George, NY for
vacation.  She always let me bring my best friend
Gina.  When her mom passed away, Grandma
Russell, we all took a trip to Hawaii.  It was
something she gave I will never forget.
Since my kids are now grown, I see how much
she influenced me.  I took all 3 of my kids
to Maui in 2005 by myself.  Its something I 
wanted to give them and hope they remember.
 I make a great pizza
from scratch, a great pot of sauce, etc.
just like my mom did.  Yum Pizza.
I planted my pots of herbs this year.  They
are getting big.  It reminds how my mom
has such a green thumb and still does
till this day. When my kids were growing
up, I took them on vacation each year.  
I would let my oldest daughter Amanda
bring her friend Liz,  just like my mom
would let my friend Gina come with us.
No one in the world can ever replace
your MOM.  Happy mother's day Mom.

Things I remember about being a mom:
I read to my kids each night and when they
got older, i had them read to me.  Bath 
time each night was filled with lots of bubbles.
I took them to the park almost everyday,
Speno Park, Wantagh Park and Eisenhower Park
I took them to the the beach a lot.
I remember how they played on the swing set
each day.  I remember the boat pool they
played in all the time.   I took them on
vaction each year and made a point to have
it be a different location each year.
I attended their school music concerts each
year.  They were all talented in the arts.
All of those birthday parties, I tried to make
each one special.
As a mom, you wonder if they remember any
of the things you did for them.

Happy mother's day to all of the moms.