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To all of my vistors. It is a joy to share my stitching. Anyone who leaves a comment has truly made me smile. Each comment is read and it is greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lizzie Kate and more

 Lizzie Kates - Joy to the world. 
I really like the colors in this piece.
Aqua/blue is my favortite color.
This is a FREEBIE pattern and can
be found here

 I made this birdhouse for my sister
Her favorite color is purple
 I wanted a little bling in the house after
taking down all the Christmas
decorations.   These are Putz inspired
houses.  I dyed the trees and added
glitter.  I am waiting for more 
piece to be added.  A little sparkle
and shine.  If you want to learn
more about Putz houses, click Here
Almost at the end of January.
Where does the time go?
I hope everyone is getting some stitching time.

Friday, January 16, 2015

some finishes -

 LHN Sheep Virtues.  Courage
I really liked the purple colors in this piece.
Done on 40 CT Linen

 A cross stitch necklace made for Carol at
She is celebrating a birthday today.  
I made this special necklace for her.
Happy Birthday Carol

 The card i made for Carol
Lizzie Kate.
We are half way through January.
Where did the time go.
I hope everyone is getting some stitching time in.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A new Finish and my birthday celebration

 Prairie Schooler Book 166.
This is done on 40 ct.  one thread linen
He just makes me smile.  I started to
stitch him while waiting to board a
plane to NY to celebrate my
birthday with my friends and family.
He was finished on the way back
waiting for a flight back.  Whenever
I had some down time in NY,  I worked
on him.  This is the first time I have
finished it in felt.  I added an extra 
layer of fabric.  I like the combination.
It will always remind me of my 50th

 I am a big brighton fan.  I purchased the
spacer charms in NY,  keeping in the theme
of winter.
 from the left, Me, Alyssa my youngest who is
20.  Amanda who is 24.
Amanda works in Manhattan and does Graphic
Design.  Alyssa is in her third year college.
I haven't seen my children in almost three 
years.  It made my birthday.  My son who
lives out of state could not make it but sent
his love.  They are all doing well.  You can't
ask for more then that.
 I lived on long Island almost all my life.
When I go back to NY, I always see
my hairguy William.  He works wonders.
My NY haircut.  50 is Fabulous.
 From the Left Gina - my best friend from the
4th grade.  I wouldn't trade her for all the
money in the world.  She is one of a kind.
I am blessed to have her in my life.  In the 
middle Tricia,  I started with her a Geico
Ins. back in 2002.  Another great treasure.
They made my birthday amazing.  They 
paid for a broadway show to see the
Lion King and then to Dinner at Nizza in
Manhattan.   The Lion King was amazing.
The costumes and makeup couldn't be
better.  Highly recommended. 
 Couldn't ask for a better
gift.  They are priceless.  Truly amazing
friends.  Gina's cousin Karen joined us 
for dinner and picked out the 
restaurant, she lives in an spectacular
apartment in Manhattan.  So funny and
added much joy to the evening.  A
memory to last a lifetime.  It has to be
my best birthday yet.
Thank you my friends.
 My daughter Amanda's dog Cooper.
Everytime i look at this picture i
laugh.  How cute is he.  I am sure
he is quite the character.

 As soon as I landed in LaGuardia Airport
at 9 am the first stop was the bagel
store.  Yummy, i miss these sandwiches,
you cannot get anything like this in
Tenn.  I bought bagels back on the
plane for my sister and I.
I can't forget the pizza.  I was in NY
for 4 days and had four slices during
that time.  NY food so good,
and worth every calorie. I do
not eat pizza or bagels in Tenn. at
all.  Just isn't the same.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Two finishes of the year.

 When I first saw this pattern on Pinterest
I knew i had to do it.  This pattern was in
the Feb. 2002 Just Cross stitch magazine
Pattern is called good morning. 
Don't you just like Ebay,  you can find
anything on there.    The brown check
fabric was a gift from Carol
at Stitching Dreams.  I shopped for the
perfect buttons today. 

This was a freebie pattern that i got on
Pinterest.  Floss tag finish.
I really like this piece.  The fabric matches 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015 and Happy 50th Birthday to me

 I finished the 5th block of Hawk Run Hollow
The bunnies are so cute.  This block took a 
Long time.  I didn't work on it 
for a few months.  I did so many smalls in between
this block.I want to finish this piece this year.
I started the piece in Feb. 2014.  It will be
beautiful when it is done.  The colors are
so pretty.
 This piece stitched by Carol At Stitching Dreams
We have been exchanging for years.  This
piece is so pretty. Amazing detail.
This piece really made my christmas 
It was the only stitched gift i received
and I gave away over 20 pieces this year.
Carol, thank you for the joy you give
to me.

 I am looking to add
a couple of more people to exchange
with,  if you are interested, leave me a comment
and I will get back to you.  
 My sister Carol is a big Quilter.
 She does an amazing job.  
She made me a quilted ornament
made out of fabric.  Really
These were the only pieces i kept
for myself in 2014.  But sweet
they are.
 Happy New year to Everyone.  It is
my birthday today.  As I enter my 50th
year I embrace it and I am thankful
I am here to celebrate.   Any words of
wisdom out there?  Have a blessed
New Year everyone.  I am thankful a
new year has begun.  Carol at
stitching dreams always asks,  what was
your happiest moment of 2014?   It
was driving through Gaitlinburg with
someone close to my heart.     It was a winter

 I came home from dinner last night and the 
whole outside of my house was decorated.
I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
Thank you Carol, John, and Ryan.
Love you guys.

This arrived in the mail on Wednesday
from Carol at Stitching Dreams.  The day
before my birthday.  The pillow just so 
pretty.  Each gift so beautiful.  Carol, you
know how much you touch my heart.  I am
blessed to you know.  Your friendship is
priceless.    thank you my friend. 

To the person who used to make me fly fly.
It was but a FLASH
Forever missed. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to All

 This was made for my brother in law John
I wanted to buy a pin for the lower right corner
but I forgot and i will purchase in the next
couple of week to add.  Hard to see but
the fabric has fish on it. 
My christmas Cactus.  I truly enjoyed watching
it bloom through the weeks.  So pretty.
How does it know to bloom at christmas ? 
 Some great gifts i received.  This was from
my sister Cheryl.  Can't wait to stitch this one.
 I jumped for joy over this package.  From my
Dad and Kathy.  I am set for the year.
 These were from my Dad and Kathy also.
There is a Santa, it is my Dad.
I never received so many cross stitch items.
Ahhh, the joy of christmas.
This from my best friend Mr. Johnny.
I am a tea lover.  Each piece chosen
just for me.  A truly personal gift that
made me smile.  

I hope everyone enjoys christmas day.
 I am so thankful for all I have.
Thank you Jesus.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas delights - Things to make you smile

 These are bound to make you smile
Some really pretty Gingerbread houses.
I like gingerbread.  Do you?
These were not made by me, but
maybe someday when i get to retire
maybe this is antoher craft i will
get into.   Perishable, have to
really think about that.

 My Christmas stocking.  It's one of the few
things I have from my childhood.  I love it.
My mom had a friend who made one for
me and my two sisters.  The santa has
Angora hair. It is an amazing piece someone
put a lot of talent into. I wish i could thank this
person.  I have no idea who made it.  Chances
are they are in heaven.  I truly like my stocking.
  Yes, the year does give away
my age.  I will be the big '50' on New Year's Day.
Fifty will be fabulous. 
 A couple of people have asked about storage.
For the small patterns i have a small binder with
page protectors and you can flip through the
book to find that special pattern. double sided.
 For larger patterns the same thing but
a bigger binder.  Yes, the whole book
has prairie schooler patterns.
For my DMC I store in Art Bins.  All
#'s are in order and doesn't take up to much
room.  For weeks dye and specialty 
threads I put in Floss bags to protect and
then in an art bin in name order. Easy
and quick access to find what you want.
Everyone has different storage methods.
This works for me. 
Enjoy the Christmas season.