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To all of my vistors. It is a joy to share my stitching. Anyone who leaves a comment has truly made me smile. Each comment is read and it is greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some cross stitch finishes and gaitlinburg Nov. 2014

 A freebie snowflake.  Done over one.
I added swarovski crystals.

 Another different finish for Lizze Kate
christmas ornament.
 Gaitlinburg, TN.
November 14, 2014
It was a winter wonderland.  It looked
like all of the trees were painted
and sparkled with the fake white
snow you see at christmas.  There
are no words to describe it and the 
pictures don't do it justice.  Going up
to clingmans dome.  It was clear and
blue skies, at the bottom a winter 
wonderland.  A truly perfect day.

Clingmans dome

Me and Mr. Johnny hiking one of
the trails.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

In Memory of Boomer

In Memory of boomer
We got boomer when the kids were small.
We didn't receive her as a puppy, so
Estimating she was about two when we got
her.  She was roughly 19 years old.
Amanda, Chris and & Alyssa grew
up with her.  A full bred Jack Russell,
she was solid muscle. She was fast as
can be and in her younger years she
used to escape all the time.  I can't
remember how many times we picked her
up from the pound.   Each year she
got a stocking at christmas.  You
can see her with a candy cane in one of
the pictures.    I know it was a 
hard day for all the kids to say goodbye.
She entered the gates of heaven in Peace today.
We all love you boomer.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Celebrations and cross stitch

 We had a celebration with Terry McCoy
for finishing "The Cat" that took
4 1/2 years.  Cake, food, cross stitch,
lots of fun.
From the bottom row from the left:
Deb, Sue, Me(Cindy) right in from of the cat,
and Lindsey.
Back row from the left:
Donna, Paige, Barbara, Judy,
Terry, Marie , next to marie terry's
sister and daughter, Darlene, and Karen.
I coupe of people missing from the group.

I framed this piece myself.
I don't do a lot of frames but
I need to start. I really like how
it looks.  The grey wood frame
was on sale for 6.99.
The pattern is by Lizzie Kate
from seasons - Summer.  Love the colors

I have wanted to do this pattern for a long time.
Snowmen Trio
They are so cute and enjoyed doing this piece.
Blogger giving me an awful time uploading
pictures,  the fabric on the back matches so well.
I added the silver snowflake charm.

I didn't get to post pictures of my harvest luncheon
which was a great success.  Food, Fun, stitching.

Happy Stitching everyone.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

2nd JCS 2014 ornament finish and Mr. Holly Jolly

 The second ornament from the 2014 JCS
ornament isssue is finished.  Faith by
Nikyscreations.  I changed some of the colors.
I added the charm in place of the heart.
 I finished into a pillow and added lace trim.
A simple stitch, but it reminds of a victorian 
piece.   I hope everyone is enjoying the fall
season.  Much cooler here today.  55 degrees.
It will be in the 70s the next couple of weeks.
I will be hosting a harvest lunch on saturday
for the stitching group i belong to.  Pictures
to follow.

 Lizzie Kate - Snow friends.  I call him
Mr. Holly Jolly, he makes everyone smile
when they see him.  Really pretty colors.
Sure to bring a smile during the winter
months.  I added the snowflake charm.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 JCS ornament issue - First Finish - Lizzie Kate- With Bling

 I Just got my JCS ornament issue last night.
I am happy there are a bunch of ornies
I want to stitch up.  I really like the 
simplicity of the Lizzie Kate ornament.
I adde some bling.  Mill hill beads on
the wreath and Zwarovski crystals on
the deers neck.  My Deer has some
bling.  As Jean Bice used to say "Sparkle
and Shine".  I changed some of the threads:
Crescent colors : Roasted Chestnut
Sampler Threads:  Buckeye Scarlet,
Dark Chocolate,
Weeks dye works: Juniper,

I wish this issue came out earlier.  
July release would be good.  We
would have more time to stitch.
It's the end of September, Where has
the time gone.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

4th block done on Spring at Hawk run Hollow - and some surprises

 Spring at Hawk run Hollow - 4th block Finished
AKA - The Johnny block
Since summer is over.  I will be stitching a lot
more.  I have been working on a lot of smalls.

 From my stitching group.
This piece is done by Tracey Benedict
It was stitched on an off for 6 years.
Finished an framed.  How pretty is
that?  By Blue ribbon designs.
 This piece was done by Terry McCoy
It took 4 1/2 years to finish this piece
240,000 stitches.  Pictures cannot
doe it justice.  The eyes are are just 
beautiful.   The colors are spectacular.
Terry also does some amazing watercolor
pieces.  Some great talent in this stitching

Stitchers truly appreciate pieces like these.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall is here

 Fall is here.  I was pulling out some
old friends.  The framed piece hangs
in my livingroom.
 These pieces sit in a basket in the livingroom
 This hangs above my diningroom doorway
into the kitchen.  It hangs there all year.
 Ahhhh Pumpkin spice.  The smells of
 The chairs have received their fall cushions
courtesy of Pier 1 imports.  Love the fall
 Nothing says fall like pumpkins
This corner piece sits in the diningroom
 This display sits in the livingroom.
 Some roasted veggies before cookings.
Roasted veggies after cooking.

I hope everyone is enjoying the transition into
fall.  I have discovered I do not have a lot of 
fall cross stitch pieces.  I will have to put it
on the never ending list of pieces i want to do.
It's sunday so I was going to take it easy today.
I went to Joann's, Pier 1, and Home goods.
I did 3 loads of laundry.  Decorated the whole
house for fall.  Washed the car.  Went food
shopping and roasted some veggies.  All before
3 O'clock.  Is anyone else like this?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 - We will never forget

A day we will never forget.
I grew up in NY.  Lived on Long Island
most of my life.   It was about 45 minutes
from NYC.  The first photo is the one
image I remember the most.  The flag
represents so many things.  This is the
greatest country.  The second photo
is my own personal photos on my bulletin
board I have in my kitchen.  So happy I
have a personal photos of the twin towers.
The statue of liberty just had to be next
to it.   I remember where I was that
day and who I was with at the time the
first plane hit the tower.  All schools closed
on long island that day.  I live in tennessee, but NY
will always live in my heart.  I represent NY,
I am NY.  We will never forget.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some more Lizzie Kate Finishes

 I did three ornaments from the Lizzie
Kate 2011 Flora McSample.
Each so special:  Peace, Love  Joy
All done on linen.  each with special
fabrics and finishes.
 Believe is from the Lizzie Kate 2012
Flora Mcsample.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A couple of new finishes

Old Glory by LHN.
This piece was a gift for someone.  When
we make pieces for people we always 
hope they will appreciate them.  I am
happy to report they really liked it.
Very traditional and patriotic.  It was
a pleasure to stitch.  Of course I
tweeked the pattern to make my piece.
I made another scissor fob.  A delightful
angel.  Where did the summer go?  It is winding
down as we will be transitioning into fall. 
September is a great month, but not looking forward
to the winter.  I am not a winter person at all.  Amazing
how time goes quickly.  Each day is a gift.