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To all of my vistors. It is a joy to share my stitching. Anyone who leaves a comment has truly made me smile. Each comment is read and it is greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Blessings and Happy Spring

 This piece is from the JCS
Ornament issues 2016
Christmas in Ohio
By The Workbasket Page 58
Done on 35 ct white linen by
Northern Cross from Belgium
Stitched with the suggested threads
Love the Caron Waterlilies silk
threads.  It you havent stitched with
this silk,  you are missing something

 This is from the 2008 JCS
ornament issue.  Page 66
Gabrielle's Star by La de da
Done on 35 ct. Black linen
by Weeks Dye Works
This piece was a challenege 
but love the results.

 From the 2006 JCS ornament issues
Pear Tree By
Littlehouse needle works
Page 72
This was stitched on 28ct
Willow Lugana linen.
I changed the border to Cranberry.
I added Petite Treasure Braid
gold and it adds just the right

 Some of my Easter/Spring Displays

 The Roses started to Bloom today
Lots of buds on all of the bushes.

 I am in the process of setting up my
garden beds.  Lots of work
but the rewards will be amazing.

I hope everyone had a Blessed Easter.  It
was an amazing day here in TN.  The weather
was just perfect.  Spring is here and I just
adore this season.   I am going to San Diego
this week with my son.  Its my annual work
trip.  Please pray for safety and a smooth
trip.  I have not been on a flight since
my everything happened.  My left ear is still
messed up and I pray for no pain on the plane.

If you want more details on my pieces and what
purchases i have made, you can visit my
YouTube channel under
Cindy's cross stitch - Video #7

Flosstubers to watch:

Arlene- Cohen , She has some amazing
work and not only does she cross stitch,
she does other types of stitching.  Her work
is hard to put into words but its just
gorgeous.  Her channel name is Arlene Cohen.

Mary Rose at Stitchblisscorner, She teaches
history on cross stitch.   I have learned so much
from her videos.  

I hope eveyone has a blessed week.  
Happy Stitching.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Spring

 From the JCS ornament issue 2013
Peace.  I changed some of the colors
Peace was done in a satin silver.
 I made a ribbon candy cross stitch
years ago.  I missed this piece, so i 
did another one.  On the right i combined
two different lizzie kate patterns to
make this summer piece.  I added black
cording and layered a purple chenille
onto top of the cording.  A double
layer trim.

 This is also from the 2013 JCS
ornament issue.  by CCN.
I added red and clear swarovski crystals

 A couple of years back i made
a couple of cross stitch necklaces.
I really wanted one again and
made this piece.  I used a rosebud,
Perfect for spring.
 Back from the framer.  The designer
is Satsuma.  Happy spring.
This framed piece is just
gorgeous.  It is really hard to
get a good picture due to the glare
from the glass.  It is now hanging
in my livingroom.

 My daughter  Alyssa was down
for a Visit to TN and also
stopped to see my son in SC.
I showed her all the sites to
see in TN.  It was a great time 
for both of us.
 Ducks at the park
 Turtles sunbathing at the park, so cool.
I made this piece for my sister Cheryl.
I forgot to post .  the pattern is by
Priarie Schooler.  Double
wedding ring.  

I hope everyone is having a great Spring.
The warmer weather is so nice.
Happy Stitching everyone.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A wedding gift - Sparkle and shine

 The Pattern is by Little House Needleworks
Quaker Birds
The Linen I used it Babbling Brook Jobelan
I changed the metallic thread to DMC
Silver.  I stitched the
first gold heart in metallic gold
and I did not like how it looked.
 I added swarovski crystals in
the plant holder.

 It is one of the
most beautiful pieces I have ever made. 
When the sun hits it, it sparkles like little diamonds.

 I did not
like the last ornament i made and
it did  not represent the work i do.
I looked through my stash and
decided i would do this piece.
We are our hardest critic arent we.

This piece screams wedding.  The 
finishing details jus complete this piece. 
 I am now proud to send this gift
out.  I decided i would send it for 
her bridal shower and not the 

The trim is done with pearls and tulle.
It matches just beautifully
 On the back there is a charm that says
Made with love.
The designing process to finish a piece.
I pulled different trims and ribbons 
and then slowly I decided what i thought
would look best.

I hope this gives someone ideas on a wedding

There will be a video showing the piece
in about  week showing the details.
Sometimes the photos just cannot pick up 
the sparkle.

YouTube video will be under
Cindys cross stich.

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.
Happy stitching.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Finishes

Hello Stitchers.  I hope everyone is
having an awesome stitching weekend.
I finished this Shamrock piece for a
woman i work with.  Her birthday is
March 17.  The pattern is from lizzie
Kate.  The fabric on the back is 
what the piece is sitting on.  Finished
with purple chenille trim to match
the purple in the hat.
 Hope by Lizzie Kate.  I was able
to find Anchors on the red
ribbon which match perfectly.
I made the red and white cording
to match.  This now is displayed in
my Americana room.
 Winter.  Now we had some
flurries here in TN on Friday.
March comes in like a Lion and out
like a Lamb.  This piece is now
added to the ornament collection.
 I purchased some needle minders and a
needle box.  These are little pieces of
art and i just had to share them with
you.  Her shop is on Etsy and she does 
amazing work.

 The first time in my life i have purchased
a full set of DMC.  Joanns had them on sale
3 for .99.  I also had a 25% off the whole
order coupon.  I earned a 150 gift
card from work.  I still have 20 dollars
left on that card.  I just love a bargain.
Only a stitcher could understand this
These guys were walking with me at the
park.  I hope everone is having a great
stitching weekend.

Videos to watch on YouTube

Flosstube recommendations:
Marlene at stitchingbythe lake

Stitchblisscorner- Mary Rose does an
amazing job on giving stitching history.
If you have not watched her videos you
are missing out.  I could listen to her for

If you want more details on this past week 
of my stitching, you can watch my video on
YouTube under Cindys cross stitch.  A video
gives so much more detail.

Happy Stitching Everyone

Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring is almost here - and a cross stitch retreat

 Hello stitchers.  I hope eveyone had a
great stitching weekend.  The first
piece i made is for my oldest daughters
27th birthday.  Her birthday is in March
and it always reminds me spring is on its
way.  I added some mill hill beads and
a charm.
 Gingerbread house was such a
nice stitch.  I had the gingerbread
fabric to match.  The button can
be added on the house but I put
it on the top to add a different
finish.  I also added the red and
white piping that looks like peppermint.
I am delighted to add this to my christmas
ornament box.

Does anyone like fabric like i do? 
  I found an amazing fabric store in Sevierville,
TN, about 10 minutes from my cross stitch 
store Dixie Darling in Pigeon Forge. 
 I had an amazing shopping 
day.  I am going to post at
the bottom their business cards. 
 If you are ever in the area, both 
have to be on your shopping list.
I am going to be attending my first stitching
 retreat in May in
Sevierville, TN.   I will list the site for
 stitching retreats.
Very reasonably priced.  I hope to meet some 
of you someday.
The chocholate strawberry fabric
 i picked out for a project
bag.  My sister Cheryl is going to  
make the bag for me
so i picked out the faric. 
 Strawberrys and chocolate, my
 The Fabric store is The Cherry Pit.
  Its an amazing fabric store.
I stocked up.  The box stores just do not have
 the quality of a fabric store.

 The upper right is flannel fabric, so soft and just gorgeous.
I got a large charm pack and a small,  the fabrics in these
packs are gorgeous,  If you have access to purchase these
I highly recommend these.  The names are on them.

For cross stitch retreats, you can call Katrina
at 865-654-1883 or you can go to her
website at

If you have not viewed any videos on
YouTube called Floss Tube, I highly 
recommend it.  I have learned so much.
My videos are posted there under
Cindys cross stitch

Others I recommend is:
The twisted stitcher
Halfstitch cross stitch
Yvonne- Night owl Stitcher
Pip Stitch
Stitcher Moose,  he will make you laugh.

There are so many out there with different 
stitching styles.  

Happy stitching everyone.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Flosstube video #1 part 2

Floss tube video #1

Snowmen fit right in

 It's a snowmans favorite time of year.
Some areas of the country have been
snowed in.  I finally found the perfect frame
for the snowman from the Just Cross stitch
ornament issue 2016.  the white frame
really made it pop.  He is proudly
displayed on the display ironing board.

 this piece is from JBW Designs
this is an ornament made for a wedding
I will attend in June.
Done on 4oct over one.
My sister ordered a dmc  holder from
Amazon.  the name is AKRO-Mils
I thought someone might want this for storage
and she said it is reasonably priced.
I will hold back from this purchase for now.
I hope everyone is getting a lot of stitching in
with the weather being cold in most areas.
I have joined Floss Tube and have posted
my first 2 videos.  Stop by and say hello.  It's
nice to see other stitchers in person.
The two videos are posted above.  If you
want to watch on a larger screen, go to
YouTube and do a search
Cindy's cross stitch
Happy stitching