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To all of my vistors. It is a joy to share my stitching. Anyone who leaves a comment has truly made me smile. Each comment is read and it is greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

My first Mill Hill bead kit

 This is my first Mill Bead kit.
Chickadees.  I purchased the mill Hill
frame but the frame left to much of the
perforated paper.  I trimmed it down to one
row of paper.  I mounted it to sticky 
paper for cross stitch and then glued it to
red Mat Board.  So it has a nice red
trim.  Love the kit and have always 
enjoyed working with beads.
 I belong to the Just another
Button montly club.  This past
month was one of my favorite colors
and free was a chart by Kathy Habermann
of Hands on Designs.  I adore all the
buttons and the fish match the "Seas the
Day" design i recently did.  So cool a matching

 My son Chris came for a visit this
past Labor Day weekend and he 
bought his cross stitch with him.
This is the winter design and he is
almost done.  Looks great.  He is back
in college getting his Masters Degree so
he hasnt been stitching as much.
 These are the Sunflowers in my front yard.
The ones in the back are long gone.
I planted these much later.  I look out
my work window and i have this amazing
view.  The colors were so pretty.  Each
day watching all the birds, bees and even
a humming bird visit the flowers was
so fun to watch.

 Hot peppers all in bloom
A pretty orange butterfly on my Marigold plant.

We are in September and still cannot 
believe Fall is almost here.

September is my favorite month of the year.
Summer is my favorite season.

Happy stitching everyong.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Prairie Schooler Santa & more

 The 2017 Prairie schooler santa.
The simplicity and elegance of the
designs just make me smile.
I stitched on a random linen.  I left
off the border and north pole.  I
added a silver compass charm
instead of stitching it.  I added
gold petite treasure braid on the collar
This piece is just a delightful piece
 I found three polar bears that will be
used in a display at christmas

 I stitched three pieces from the
book: Sea, sand and cross stitch by
Anna Field.  Thank you Andrea
for your post about this book.  I just
love the ocean and these designs.

 Finished on a wooden star.
I attached it with magnets
This piece is just a delight
and can be displayed in
my Americana bedroom
as well as my sunroom which
has a beach theme.
 Simple but beautifully framed.
 The garden is still producing a lot
of produce.  I make fresh V8
juices in my juicer.

 At one of the parks i walk in
 This golden finch was eating from 
the sunflower and i was able to get a

I havent had blueberry crepes in almost
two years.  absolutely delicious, with 
fresh lemon curd.

I cannot get over that we are in August.
I have noticed it getting darker earlier,  bahhh.
I am not a winter person, but i stitch the
most in the winter.

I hope everyone is enjoying this summer
I have fall thoughts on my mind and
cannot believe I will be in my house in
september for one year.  It seems time
is going so fast.

If you want to see more up close details on my pieces,
you can watch my youtube video under
Cindy's cross stitch #17.

Until we meet again, happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Christmas in July

 Lizzie Kate Summer Smalls
Bees and berries added.
I used random pieces of linen
that were given to me.  I do
not know the size or color.
I added mill hill beads to the
berries and changed the color.
On the Bees i changed the color
of the bees to yellow instead
of gold.

 His Gift by My Big Toe Designs
JCS ornament issue 2012, Page 80
Done on 28CT Picture this Plus
PTP is having christmas in 
July sale today, 25 percent off
all linen.  ONE DAY ONLY.
The silk threads in this piece
gorgeous.  added crystals in
the cross.  Sparkle and shine.
 This was a Freebie I received in 
the mail from a cross stitch order
This will be for my daugher for
christmas.  She has been to Paris
a couple of times.  This was
also done on Alchemy by PTP
 This pattern is from
Cross stitch mini Motifs Nature
by Susan Bates Book
Page 59.  I put together this 
design and made the cushion 
for a stitching sister. I
purchased a needlecase to
match.  She loves these tiny
treasures.  The cording
i made to match the bee

 This was a thrift store find.
One Dollar( 1.00)
I just washed it and will figure
out how to finish it.  How
amazing is that.
 I feed my birds Black sunflower oil
seeds.  Look what grew under the
two bird feeders.  How amazing is
this.  I love Sunflowers and just
a gorgeous gift from the birds
thanking me for feeding them
all year.  God is good.

This is one day from the garden
The eggplant is the best i have ever
eaten in my life.  My sister gets
a bag or two a week of produce from
me.  Ahhh, yes.  Life is good.

I cannot believe we are heading into
August in a couple of days.  I hope
everyone is having an amazing summer.
Stop and take time to look at the beauty
around you.  It might be hot, but
all kinds of flowers, birds, gardens
and much more to notice.

Happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer delights

 Back from the framer.  It is just gorgeous. 
The pictures cannot do it justice.
Pattern is by Hands on designs.
Seas the day.

 This the is first piece I have completed
from lizzie kate call summer smalls.
Just adorable.  I have stitched up two
more but I need to finish them.
 This patter is from the JCS ornament
issue 2014.
I only did the snowman. I added
a crystal to the scarf.  I will 
still be adding a check bow but
I could not find the perfect ribbon yet.
This pattern is in the JCS ornament
issue 2015.  By Ink Circles
called Truly endless knot
The piece is really pretty. 
 This is a metal heart that i picked up
and i added my needleminders and 
needle boxes .  Hearts are my 
favorite shape.

 Out celebrating my nephews birthday.
He towers over me.
 Silver Slicer cucumbers.  tomatoes and
lettuce form the garden.
 Fresh salad from the garden
 Black eyed Susans, Marigolds,
Basil and oregano in this photo

The Sunflowers are just awesome

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer
and getting a lot of stitching in.  

If you want more details and a closer look
you can watch my YouTube video
under Cindys cross stitch #15