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Thursday, April 27, 2017

California and some finishes

 This patttern is in the JCS 2014
ornament issue page 61.
Pattern by Ink Circles
I have always wanted to do
an ink circles piece.  This is a
full coverage piece.
Done on 32 ct gingerbread belfast linen
Stained glass mistletoe.
This pattern is just gorgeous.
I hope i insprie someone to do
this ornament.  It is just an amazing

 Noel from the JCS ornament issue
2008.  page 86.  stitched on 28ct
natural linen. by Prairie Moon
I have stitched this one before and
just missed it.  It will forever remind
me of my trip to San Diego.  I stitched
this on the plane, in the airport etc
and it was finished on my flight back.

 My son bought this on our trip and
i  hope i have a stitcher in the family.
I taught him how to stitch.  Maybe
a future stitcher.
 I sent my sister Cheryl this
fabric and she made me two
project bags.  They are just
gorgeous.  thank you Cheryl.

 Me and my son in San Diego
The ocean was just amazing.
This was a work trip and I had
such a great trip.  I tried to up
load more pictures but
blogger was not cooperating.
 My co-worker Angela and I

San Diego was just beautiful
A great place to visit.  I could
never live there, way to 
crowded for me.  The
weather was cold compared
to TN.  The ocean breeze and
smell of the salt water, I will miss
that.  It was an amazing trip.

I tried to upload more pictures
but blogger is giving me a hard time.
I just posted a video on Youtube.
Some amazing photos there.
Cindy's Cross stitch video #8
it you want to see more details 
of the pieces and trip.

I hope everyone is having a
great week.  Hard to believe May
is almost here.

Happys stitching


Marilyn said...

Cute ornaments, and glad you had fun in CA.

gracie said...

Nice stitching and great pictures.

Vickie said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your son. I love the ornaments Cindy! It has been many years since we have been to San Diego. Lovely!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your ornaments are beautiful, Cindy. I really like the Ink Circles one. I enjoyed the pictures you shared of your trip. Enjoy your weekend!

RJ said...

Your ornaments are lovely Cindy. San Diego has always been one of my favorite places to visit...unbelievable weather! Great photo of you and your son. RJ from stitching friends forever 2

Carol said...

So glad you enjoyed your San Diego trip with your son, Cindy--that must have been so special to travel together. Yes, it is much chillier there than you would expect--but almost always sunny! When we were out visiting our son in November they were having record heat--almost 90! And, of course, we had brought all cool weather clothes :)

Loved your stitching finishes and I watched your latest Floss Tube yesterday. You are doing a great job and I enjoyed seeing your garden :)

Happy May!

Annie said...

Beautiful ornaments. And what great project bags.. wonderful gifts for a stitcher.

Sure looks like a fun trip with your son. Nice job you have to send you there!

Christina said...

The colours in the ink circle ornament are stunning! I don't remember seeing that in the JCS magazine. Your trip to California looks amazing. I'd love to visit one day.