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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Buttons, Finishes, Finds, and a Retreat

 Where to begin.  I stiched this tiny piece to
put into my patriotic display.  Its just a 
snippet i pulled out of a pattern and
finished with the matching fabric.

 I joined a button of the month Club
I have never joined any monthly club
Just Another button company is the
monthly club I joined.  So I sat down one
day and played with my buttons.  I designed
The Grow hanging on my refrigerator.  the
stems and Grow were cross stitched and
added the buttons.  I finished with a satin
bow, which just brings the piece more
dimension.    I want to use my
buttons so i started playing with them.
Buttons Flowers, a button pillow and
in my next post a button hanger.
If you have any other ideas, let me
know.  Gotta love the buttons.

 The pattern is by Plum street Sampler
JCS ornament issue 2006
Page 50
A christmas stocking
It was done on 36 count Vintage Cedar plank
I did a flat finish

 I received the sweetest card from
Mary Rose of Stitchblisscorner on Youtube
The butterfly, the feather, the rose, and of
course the stitching needle all have a 
special meaning.  At some point i will frame
it.  thank you Mary Rose - its priceless
 From Elizabeth Andrus of Youtube.
This beautiful cross stitch ornament.
Elizabeth started an ornament a week
project, you can find her on Youtube.
She said I was the one that gave her
the inspiration to do this.   That is
one of the kindest things anyone
has ever said to me.  The cross
stitch community has the nicest
people I have the pleasure of 
 My brother in law redid my
fireplace with solid Oak wood.
It is now an electic fireplace
which I prefer.  I did not like
the propane fireplace.  On my
mantle and hangers are some
of the pieces I just received.
 This piece was something I picked
up at a thrift store.  I love my birds,
my feeders and watch my birds all the
time.  When i saw this piece.  I was just
in Awe.   I kept thinking how did this
end up in a thrift store. I thought about
the person who stitched it.  initials KR
1998.  Where they still alive or did they
pass on to our next journey.  I wondered
if any of my pieces would ever end up in
a thrift store.  I had to buy it.  Only 6.00
framed an all.  A bargain.  It hangs 
upbove my fireplace.  I admire it.  Its
beauty.  I bought another peice but
couldnt get a good picture with the lighting.
I will try another day.   My sister asked
why i was hanging up something i didn't stitch.
Only a stitcher could understand.
Has anyone else done this?
 This past Sunday we celebrated mothers day
early and went to The Biltmores in
Asheville, NC.  If you have never been there
it is quite the place to visit.  My sister,
my son and I.  The gardens 
were in full bloom.  I could live in that 
Garden.  dozens up dozens of different
roses alone.  I can't post all of the
picture here, but is you want an
amazing slide show with music it is
on my youtube channel under
Cindys cross stitch flosstube #9.
 Me and my son

 It you go to Asheville you cannot leave
without going to the chocolate lounge.
I dream about this place - honestly.

 my own garden in full bloom

 Dont they look busy
This is my lettuce Garden.  This picture was
taken today.  Yes, I can pick from this garden
already and it hasnt even been a month since
i planted it.  Its still amazes me when i see something
grow from seed.  Gods magic.

I will be attending  my first cross stitch retreat
this weekend in TN.

Happy stitching everyone


Marilyn said...

Cute finishes and cute button projects, love the button flag.
The flowers are all so beautiful.

Vickie said...

I like your little patriotic bird pillow. Your lettuce garden is fantastic!

Robin in Virginia said...

Love your sweet little patriotic finish, Cindy! What fun button projects you have created; the Grow piece turned out great! Your lettuce garden looks fabulous as do your pictures of your adventure. Enjoy your day!

Carol said...

I just finished watching your latest Flosstube video Cindy--enjoyed it very much :) You are such a cheery, positive person!

Beautiful stitching and gifts and I really enjoyed the photos of The Biltmore. We were there in 2012 for our 35th anniversary and thoroughly enjoyed the place. Such beauty from a bygone era...

Enjoy your weekend--and Happy Mother's Day to you!

Susan Lankford said...

It does seem strange to see a sweet cross stitch like the one you bought in a thrift store....maybe relatives of someone who has passed away...Stitchin' By the Lake's latest video also shows a lovely cross stitch she bought recently at a thrift store. So sweet of you to rescue that piece!
Have a wonderful time at the retreat...can't wait to hear about it!

RJ said...

What a great post Cindy. I really love all of your button projects. I love buttons too so was intrigued by all the different ways you used them. I especially love grow and the one with all the yo's yo's. So cute!!! That was a great stitch you saved at the thrift store too. Your trip to North Carolina looked great...glad you had such a nice time. Looked like a perfect Mother's Day trip. And your flowers are beautiful. Come by after you are rested from your trip...we have a new post up with buttons! RJ

Annie said...

I thought I had already left a comment on this, but Bloglovin's interface changed and the comment went on Bloglovin's display, not here. So I'll repeat it here.

Great post! A little bit of everything. Love the button creativity especially. Just checked you out on floss tube. You are totally adorable!

Mary said...

Cindy, Where do I start!!! I love how you finished the little red bird patriotic stitch, the fabric could not be more perfect!! Your button project is just adorable. Someday I'll get brave and try a flat finish, yours came out perfect.
Love the sentiment of the Threads of Friendship stitch, it's a treasure.
I have North Pole Express done and it's unfinished, great inspiration in yours. Your brother did an amazing job on the fireplace.
I rescued a Prarie Schooler Santa from an antique store for 6$, I felt sad when I saw it there and how it ended up for sale but I treasure it, so I can understand how you felt with your bird find, I'm so it ended up with you.

The Biltmore trip looks wonderful!!! Mary stitchingfriendsfover2

Julie.C said...

So many lovely project finishes I like the button detail, lovely pictures too.

Brigitte said...

Your button projects look so great. Such lovely ideas.
And you seemed to have had a wonderful Mother's Day with some great food.