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To all of my vistors. It is a joy to share my stitching. Anyone who leaves a comment has truly made me smile. Each comment is read and it is greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Took the train into New York City today - only about a 45 minute Ride.
Went to one of my favorite places, the garment district. I bought some
amazing cording for finishing my cross stitch projects. No place has a
selection like NYC. There is so much to choose from it is hard to take it
all in because there are so many stores. Only cross stitchers can appreciate this.


Carissa said...

It's all so pretty and shiny and sparkly....makes me want to run my fingers thru it!

Carol said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog--so happy to "meet" new stitching friends. You have some lovely ornaments pictured here--and unlike mine, yours are finished/finished! I finally set up my sewing machine in middle son's old bedroom and hope to start finishing more of my ornaments soon. I'm not selling any of my charts at the moment...

I am so jealous of you being able to go to the garment district--your new trims are lovely. We don't have any place like that in western PA as you can imagine!

Well, hope you have a relaxing Labor Day and come visit me again :)

Mare said...

Please give me some idea where in the garment district that you found these pretty trims.