Thank You

To all of my vistors. It is a joy to share my stitching. Anyone who leaves a comment has truly made me smile. Each comment is read and it is greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another completed ornament. The lamb- how sweet he is. The Silver border is
really nice. It's hard to pick up in the picture.


Jade said...

That is an amazingly sweet ornament and very nicely done too! Congrats.

Irma said...

That little lamb is just so cute! Congrats.

Stitchnpat said...

Your ornaments are all so precious and nicely finished. I am glad you told me you got your cording and etc. and in New York cause I was going to ask you where you ordered it. I am hopig Hobby lobby has some as I really do not know what width and etc. to buy when you have to order it. Arghh I love this sjall town except now when I want furry thread, piping and I could go on and on. Yours are all so sweet.