Much love to All.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

almost 2 months without a post- an update

 I am settled in my new home.  It's hard
to believe it is almost 2 months from
my last post.  I am so happy where I am,
god is good.   I am very comfortable in 
this new chapter of my life.  I haven't
Been stitching a lot.  It's fall and I am getting
back into a routine.  This pattern is by
Twisted threads.
 These are two planters my brother in
made for me.  In my region,  pansies will
last until about march.  They are one 
of my favorite flowers as with sunflowers. 

My clothesline  brings me as much joy as
my garden and stitching does.   Nothing
like sheets dried on the line. 
this metal box was found in the attic
with a bunch of other  things.  It was
made in NY and looks like cross stitch. 
My gas fireplace 
The beautiful  wreath above the fireplace.
My livingroom.  I purchased a wooden
antique ironing board and use it as a display
table in the livingroom.  Super cool and only 
40 dollars.  It's perfect. 
My dad purchased a wagon for me.
I use it for my gardening and 
I have used it several times already.
My vintage Pyrex collection. 
I use these pieces everday.  They
Do not make dishes like this amymore.
I just got service to view blogs, so I will
be catching up on posts.  I will have more 
pictures to post later on.  HAPPY FALL.
A sunset in my backyard.


gracie said...

Glad things are getting settled for you. Love the pictures....

Justine said...

Your garden looks enormous! Glad to hear you are settling in.

Marilyn said...

Your new home looks very pretty.
Love your Pyrex collection.
Your little Pansies are so cute.

Brigitte said...

So great toes you settled in your new home. And what you show here looks really good. It must be wonderful for <ou to have such a big garden. And I love what I see on the clothesline.
Enjoy your new home.

Vickie said...

Hooray! Congratulations Cindy. What a pretty home and lovely open space you have. Pansies are my favorite flower. ooOoo! You have pink Pyrex! You lucky thing you. ;)

Robin in Virginia said...

Good to see your post! I am happy to hear you are settling into your new home. I love your new blog header and was wondering about the ironing board. Thanks for the info further in your post. Your pansies look fabulous. Thinking of you!

Mary said...

Congratulations on your new home; it is lovely. I love your vintage ironing board and the flower baskets your brother made are wonderful.

diartemis said...

Your planters are gorgeous. I've got vintage pyrex too, and use it pretty much every day. You are so right about them not making it like that any more! Good luck in your new home x

Annie said...

So happy to see these posts of a happy new home. Everything looks so cheery and fresh. Love the pansies, pyrex (I have some too!) and all the little touches. Fun to see that quilt hanging on the line too. Enjoy the autumn!

Carol said...

How wonderful to be in a home of your own again, Cindy! It looks so pretty--love the wood floors and the peaceful back yard. Your new deck will be a lovely place to sit and stitch when you get some free time. You'll have a lot of fun making it your own and decorating. Enjoy!!

Your new little piece is so cute, too. Happy Sunday to you :)

Andrea said...

So pleased that your life is on track again. Your house looks beautiful. I'm sure you're going to add all of your own touches to make it a home.

Sharon said...

Good to hear things are looking better for you. Your new home looks wonderful. Enjoy it and the changing seasons.