Much love to All.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

graduation and some beautiful stitching

 I received a beautiful package from Lee full
of stitching goodies.  A matching set .  The detail
and fine work are just amazing.  Love the colors 
and the little butterfly charms.  THANK YOU so
much Lee. 

 An ornament I made.  Pattern by 
Lizzie kate.
 This is a freebie. I did.  ^

 My oldest daughter Amanda sent
these for mother's day.  Pretty colors
 For mother's day my sister and I
went to a nursery.  Tons of flowers and plants
we needed two carts.  It was so much fun.
 This I bought for my mom.
 Some of the plants we bought.
 Almond flour cookies,  only a little bit of
honey added.  So good.
 These I made for my sister
Alyssa is graduating from college tomorrow.
she is sending a link so I can watch.
She has a short time job for the summer.
She is cooking in Tuscany, Italy with
one of her friends.  She went to
school for film production, so I
am sure she will do type of short film.
Congratulations to Alyssa


Vickie said...

I have received some of Lee's lovely needlework, I know how gorgeous and meticulous it is. Yours is lovely. Your ornaments are gorgeous. And so are your flowers. Congratulations to your daughter.

StitchinByTheLake said...

What beautiful stitching! blessings, marlene

Marilyn said...

Cute ornaments, and beautiful flowers.
Congrats to Alyssa!!!

Annie said...

Lee does such beautiful work. Lucky you!

Your new finishes are super cute. I like the way you mount the stitching on the fabric backing.

Gorgeous flowers!

Yea for Alyssa!

Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful stitching accessories you received! Your ornaments are adorable. Wow, your flowers/plants look great. Congratulations to your daughter and best wishes to her on her cooking endeavor this summer!

Justine said...

What beautiful gifts Lee sent to you, and perfectly finished too. Your ornaments are lovely. I like the fabric you used for the Lizzie Kate, it gives a very unusual look to the whole piece.
Congratulations to your daughter - you must be so proud of her.

Carol said...

How wonderful for Alyssa, Cindy--a new graduate in the family! And a summer in Tuscany sounds perfect... Love the flowers you bought and the bouquet from Amanda is so sweet.

Lee's gifts are so perfect. I received some from her way back when I began blogging and I know how lovely her work is :) Your ornaments are darling--just love the little girl and her sled. I did that one this year and included the snowman--one of my favorite finishes...

Hope May is going well and that you are feeling great!

Andrea said...

Lovely gifts from Lee. Your stitching and finishing are very pretty. Beautiful flowers.

Brigitte said...

These gifts from Lee are so gorgeous. Great stitching and finishing. And also great stitching and finishing on the ornaments you made.
Wonderful flowers you received from your daughter. And congratulations to Alyssa on her graduation. And good luck for her summer job in Italy. Sounds like a dream but I think it's hard work.