Much love to All.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall is here

 Fall is here.  I was pulling out some
old friends.  The framed piece hangs
in my livingroom.
 These pieces sit in a basket in the livingroom
 This hangs above my diningroom doorway
into the kitchen.  It hangs there all year.
 Ahhhh Pumpkin spice.  The smells of
 The chairs have received their fall cushions
courtesy of Pier 1 imports.  Love the fall
 Nothing says fall like pumpkins
This corner piece sits in the diningroom
 This display sits in the livingroom.
 Some roasted veggies before cookings.
Roasted veggies after cooking.

I hope everyone is enjoying the transition into
fall.  I have discovered I do not have a lot of 
fall cross stitch pieces.  I will have to put it
on the never ending list of pieces i want to do.
It's sunday so I was going to take it easy today.
I went to Joann's, Pier 1, and Home goods.
I did 3 loads of laundry.  Decorated the whole
house for fall.  Washed the car.  Went food
shopping and roasted some veggies.  All before
3 O'clock.  Is anyone else like this?


Vickie said...

Good for you!! Your home looks great. I love the Pumpkin Spice by Yankee Candle. ;)

Brigitte said...

Your home looks so lovely with all the fall decorating. I also love fall colours and I really love stitching with them.

Carol said...

Your house looks so pretty for fall, Cindy. Seeing that first piece reminds me that I need to get my finish of that PS design out of hiding and get it framed! I just love that one :)

Andrea said...

Love the new Autumn d├ęcor.

Angela P said...

I love all of your Fall decorations/stitching :) It's my favorite season and I have discovered I don't have enough of it either!

Melody said...

Your house looks so nice, all decorated for Fall. I am still in the process...